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Nice Guy

“I’ve been thinking.”

At the sound of Megumi’s carefree voice, Kyouya looked up from the book he was reading.

“You’re a really nice guy aren’t you, Shinomiya-kun?”


Kyouya was taken off guard from hearing that all of a sudden.
Thinking that he was obviously misinterpreting the meaning of the compliment, his cheeks reddened a bit.
Mao, Shion and Kirara being his upperclass men, Megumi was the only one in the same year with him. Even if she was from another class, they were both fellow first years. They shared some affinity.

“Here, have some tea. It’s Assam tea, they recommend to drink it with milk. Would you like me to put some in?”

“Oh, sure.”

Upon saying so, Megumi poured the milk into the black tea.
A white whirlpool swirled around the cup. The scent that spread through the air gently gave rise to a sense of sweetness.
Kyouya didn’t know the names of any of the teas that Megumi came out with day after day, as if by magic, but by drinking them everyday, even an amateur like him had become able to tell the differences in taste and aroma.
He dimly gazed at the girl’s back as she went about her work.
Megumi was a girl who liked helping others. At the moment, there was no one else in the room but him, so he was hogging her all to himself.
Looking either from a conservative point of view or from an objective point of view, Megumi was very cute. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she was a beauty.

“Me? A nice guy? I wonder…”

“It’s true.”

Megumi gave a large, assuring nod over her shoulders.

“My sister might bite you, but you don’t get mad.”

That’s where she was going?
Having the expectations that were floating in his heart broken in an instant, Kyouya gloomily drooped his shoulders.
From the moment he joined the GJ club, even earlier, from that first day when he was kidnapped and forcefully inspected, he’d been made to realize that Megumi was a girl with an heart of an angel’s.
In this girl’s pure heart, everything was seen in a compassionate light.
This serene heart that the rich lady possessed was on a level of its own. It had something more extraordinary, a kindness on a great scale. In the GJ club they called it “Angelic love”.
And this girl with the angel’s heart didn’t have anybody whom she disliked.
Although he had never tried asking, Kyouya was sure that if he did, the answer would simply be “I love everybody in the world.”
That’s why it was impossible.
To begin with, if he even started to think about boy and girl issues while being faced with Megumi’s bright smile, he’d feel ashamed.

“Did you know? Lately, my sister has stopped biting people.”

No. She still bites.

“I guess she’ll only bite you, right?”

Well, yes. Once every three days.

“Why am I the only one getting bitten?”

“That’s because you don’t get angry, Shinomiya-kun.”


“Because you’re a nice guy.”

“I see.”

Usually, he’d think that was because he had no self-confidence, but if Megumi was telling him that, he’d start thinking that way.

“Shion-san also teases you a lot, right?”

“I get the feeling she’s toying with me.”

“That’s because she’s taken a fancy of you.”


Perhaps it could be seen that way. It’d be fantastic if that was the case.

“Kirara-san is very interested in you too.”

“Is that so?”

That was hard to believe. That girl’s thoughts were the hardest to understand.

“After all, you are the only one she’ll give her meat to.”

“This doesn’t feel so bad.”

Being played around with by Shion, getting special treatment from Kirara, being condemned to a full-course black tea tasting by Megumi and getting bitten by Mao…

“I’m also very happy that you’re here with us. I have a reason to make tea.”

Megumi smiled while letting out a giggle.
While they were talking, she had already prepared the next round of tea.
While they were talking, Kyouya had already emptied his cup.
It was the fourth cup already. And then there’d be the fifth.

“I wonder what the next round of tea will be?” were Kyouya’s thoughts as he patted his flabby belly.


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