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The President’s Job

After school as always.
In the clubroom, everybody was doing what they always did. Be it reading manga, enjoying one-man chess or knitting, everyone had something they liked doing.
Only that, Mao was doing something unusual.

Standing on a chair, she had her hand extended toward the ceiling.
She jumped up and down, standing on the tips of her toes.

“What are you doing, president?”

Mao’s eccentricities were nothing unusual, but unable to contain his curiosity, Kyouya ended up asking her about it.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m trying to change the fluorescent lights.”

“Oh, is that so.”

He could see that one of the lights had gone out.
And, a new bulb rested on the round table.
Kyouya understood the situation.

“It’s dangerous, I’ll do it.”

Just seeing her standing on the tip of her toes while swaying back and forth was enough to give him the chills.
Kirara and Shion were both taller than her, so weren’t they more suitable for the task? With thoughts like that in mind, Kyouya stood up.


Mao’s potent voice came down from above his head. It felt a little fresh hearing that voice coming from above rather than below.

“This is the president’s job.”

“But you’re not even close to reaching it, are you?”

Mao was extremely short. So short that even someone in the upper grades of elementary school might’ve been taller than her.
Of course, she wouldn’t reach the lamp just by climbing a chair.

“I don’t care if it’s impossible. If I say I’m doing it, I’m doing it! Taking care of the budget and the room equipment is the president’s job. Obviously, that includes changing the lamp.”

“I don’t get it. Didn’t you just say that it’s impossible?”

“Please let her do it. Mao was entrusted with this by the previous president, so it’s very important to her.”

Shion stated while taking a white piece with her black piece.

“Hey, Shii!  Stop running you mouth like that!”

Mao called Shion by “Shii” and Shion addressed Mao without using honorifics. Kyouya felt this intimate girl friend vibe from them.
What kind of person was the previous president? A Boy? A girl?
While thinking about that, Kyouya returned to his chair.
Swaying left and right on the chair, with no chance of reaching the lamp, Mao continued extending her hand up.
In the end, he couldn’t just stand there watching her.


Kyouya looked at Shion. She played chess with an unconcerned look on her face.
Kirara wanted nothing to do with it. She just kept chowing down on her meat as usual.
Megumi watched the water she’d put to boil on the kettle while skillfully manipulating her two knitting needles.
It wasn’t as if they were being cold hearted. These people had definitely known the previous president, that was why. That’s how Kyouya explained it.
Even if that was the case, he wouldn’t go along with it.

“President, It’s okay if I help, right?”

He placed his hands beneath Mao’s armpits.
Not having much confidence in his physical strength, he wasn’t sure if he could pull it off, but making up his mind, he went for it.

“Eh? Wha… Wait!”

“I did it!”

He held Mao up like holding up a baby.

“Did what?! Let me down, idiot!”

Even as she continuously hit his head and struggled, she couldn’t get back down to the top of the chair.

“You… What are you… Have some shame!”

Mao had lost her temper, but Kyouya didn’t pay her any heed.

“I’m just helping so it’s fine, right? I’ll hold you up, so please change the lamp.”

“Listen to others when they’re talking!”

“Please let me help. I want to be helpful, okay?”

After much insistence on having things his way, Mao reluctantly nodded in agreement.
But for whatever reason, she refused to do it in that “upsies” pose.
They agreed he’d help by having Mao ride on his shoulders.
The lamp was safely replaced but on that day, Mao didn’t utter another word.


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