GJ-bu v01 c01


“Hey. Your necktie.”

At the usual round table, club prez nudged Kyouya’s arm who sat beside him.

“Ah, okay.”

He now notices when informed.  His necktie had become loose.  He remembered it had gotten a bit hot during fifth period.


Unfastening the entire necktie, he began retying it.
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It was hard to properly tie it up.  The length just didn’t match up.  Kyouya tried again.


Another failure.  It did not look like a knot at all.  It was unacceptable.  Rejected.  Kyouya tried again.


It became clear that the club prez had gotten irritated.  It was a dangerous sign.
Ever since entering the school, this was his first time tying his necktie like this.  He was still not used to it.
It was almost the end of May, and Kyouya’s success rate of successfully tying his necktie is around three in one.  He failed twice already.  The next try will be a challenge.  As Shion-san would have put it, “compelled to say that the probability of a success in the next try will be considerably high.”


Another failure.  The necktie knot is too tight.  Being too nervous, too much strength was used.  The club prez had been watching Kyouya the entire time.

“Yo, Megu.  Do it for him.”

Club prez signaled Megumi-chan with her chin.  After turning off the heat from the stove, Megumi-chan walked over.

“Okay.  Shinomiya-kun.  Excuse me.  Keep still for a minute.”

Stretching out her white hands to him, Kyouya kept still.
Megumi-chan’s hands moved skillfully.  She kept tying it with swift performance.

“There.  I’ve finished.”

“Thank y–”

Kyouya stopped halfway with his expression of gratitude.  He touched the necktie to find it in the shape of a butterfly knot.

“Isn’t this the female’s ribbon?”

“I don’t know how to tie the male’s knot.  Since there is no one but females here.”

Club prez slammed her face onto the desk.  She laughed without any sound.  It seemed odd of her to faint in agony.
After thirty seconds of catching her breath in distress, she wiped her tears and faced Kyouya.

“Gimmie.  I’ll do it for you.”

“Club prez, do you know how to do it?”

“Who do you think I am?  I’m the club prez.  Now stay still.  Don’t move.”

In front of club prez who was standing on top of the chair, Kyouya stood still.
Club prez’s small hands were at work at Kyouya’s throat.  He was conscious of this feeling, then suddenly-


“Something like this.  Then this-”

Club prez tied the knot considerably tight.  Kyouya was near strangulation.

“C-Club prez… It’s, tight…”

“Stop there, Mao.  Kyolo is going to die.  You’re not even looking.  I’ll do it.”

“D… Do you know how, Shion-san?”

Kyouya became nervous after the numerous attempts up until now.  The third challenger, Shion-san said,

“I have never tied it in practice.  I have only seen males tying them.  The topology of the necktie is simple and easy to understand.  It is possible to redo the entire process.”

Kyouya stood as straight as a pole.  The knot was left in the care of the older woman.
Shion-san’s petite hands were at work at Kyouya’s throat.  To have three attempts by three sets of hands, he was trifled.


Shion-san gave out an inauspicious voice.

“That’s odd.  I should have perfectly redone the process though…”

The knot was perfect.  However, the length of the front and back sides of the necktie was completely mistakened.
No good.  Shion-san was a genius in games and puzzles, but Kyouya had forgotten that she lacked everyday skills.

“Ah, it’s fine!  I’ll do it myself!  I’ll manage to tie it three times out of one!”

Just when Kyouya yelled,
A girl appeared from within the depths of the clubroom.  Kyouya had nearly forgotten about Kirara-san.

“Need help?”

Kirara-san asked.  Kyouya nodded.
She freed both her hands by stuffing the meat that she had in one hand, then she reached for Kyouya’s neck.
Kyouya felt the warmth of her fingertips; each second felt like minutes.


He touched the necktie to make sure.  It was done.  Perfectly.

“Ah… Thank you… very much.”


Kyouya was shocked while he gave thanks; Kirara-san narrowed her eyes into the shapes of semicircles.



  1. rubiopaloosa says:

    This is one thing that I need to read.

  2. the unEnlightened 1 says:

    A little synopsis please?

  3. CraN says:

    isn’t there like a spoiler or kinda thing…
    walls of text aren’t thing i like to see in blog-like sites :v

  4. Just another guy says:

    Thx! you are the first and the only one that translated it :D
    Also, it isn’t a thing that happened in the anime, so it was great to read and feel the fresh and unique feeling of the GJ-bu that I love so much
    Keep going XD

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