Chapter 01 – I asked who you were

Year 200X July 24th – Inside the online game [Galactic Trader Five]

On the personal computer monitor, the clock struck midnight.
Along with the solemn chime of the bell, a two-heads-tall deformed graphics stepped onto and gathered at the lawn with a [A.C. Clarke Commemorative Plaque] plate-like object in the very center of it.
Like a certain evil faction from America, they donned a white triangular hood that completely covered their heads with eyeholes and a white robe that draped over their ankles. They silently formed a circle around the obsidian slab which was 3.5 meters high and 1.53 meters wide. It would perfectly form a 1:4:9 proportion when taking the thickness into account. Softly touching the surface, they quickly [Prayed].
After accepting the [Keyword//Prayers], the screen blackens and the deformed characters disappears. An exclusive group chat box appears on the screen.
“How did this happen?”
One of [Them] had muttered.
“Being the [National Inquirer] is one thing, but for the New York Times to finally report on this as well!”
“It is startling.”
“This can not continue.”
An older figure had said.
“Any words from the Japan branch?”
“I am still inquiring them about it.”
Flickering a Japanese flag icon, a new participant joined the chat room.
“This is a grave state of affairs. We should correspond with the entire world.”
The remark was drawn out courteously without typos.
“Are you certain with cooperating?”
“Well then, with our intelligence and people…”
“You have my gratitude. You will find the specifics in the email. Everything for the sake of beautiful contact.”
The participant from Japan seemed to be in a hurry. The time difference between Japan and America was thirteen hours. Midnight here would mean one in the afternoon in Japan.
In other words, lunch break was just about over. The email was sent around the chat room.
For their organization, because the members were not in a high position to have the luxury of free time to enjoy, it was understood that the members, who were average Americans, were not the type of people to show off their own life circumstances.
“Yes, everything is for the sake of beautiful contact.”
“For the sake of beautiful contact.”
“For the sake of beautiful contact.”
“For the sake of beautiful contact.”

“With that said, it seems this transmission was sent to the entire world. Well, is this the real thing?”
It was suitable for an early morning during summer vacation. A short mysterious subject was broadcasted on television. But for Kinjou Manami, there was a bigger matter at hand… It was about something from yesterday evening when she was carrying the drunk Kio back home.
For now, she washed her face and combed her hair. After putting on some light lipstick, she wore a tube top brassiere, threw on a slightly large t-shirt and changed into a denim skirt. At the entranceway, she put on a pair of sandals.
She looked at her girls’ G-Shock wrapped around her wrist. Leaving aside the scratch received from falling off a bicycle last year, it was her favorite watch and made sure the time was correct.
Her mother had called from the kitchen.
“Where are you going?”
“Hmm? I’m heading over to Kiocchi’s place. Do you need anythinng?”
“Do you mind bringing those Soumen Champuru to him while you are at it?”
She saw the still warm tupperware set atop the shoe shelf. Inside the tupperware, there was fried food dish of soumen, vegetables, and canned tuna.
“You made this dish againn?”
After each sentence, there was a slight elevated pitch. Speaking with the unique Okinawan intonation, Manami bluntly grimaced. It should be pointed out that whenever her mom asks her to bring food to Kakazu Kio who lived next door, it is without fail that Manami and her family will be having the same exact dish for breakfast and lunch.
“After all, the aunt from Shizuoka sent us plenty of soumen.”
After giving a sigh to her mother who says the obvious, she held the tupperware under her arm and left the house.

When he woke up from the alcohol, Kio had thought it seemed similar from any ordinary movie. There was barely any recollections from the few seconds before consuming it.
After he regained consciousness, no matter morning or evening… Every time, he drove his self-hatred to “waste the day doing nothing.”
This time, he was in his own bed.
Shaking his still-blurred head, Kio got up. He fixed his glasses that had slipped off during his sleep with his finger. It was nine o’clock when he looked at his watch. Since it was bright outside, he determined it was morning.
He listened carefully. He then concluded that his parents have already headed to the airport as there was no noisy boisterous footsteps to be heard.
His father was a local business firm employee involved with a big company on the mainland while his mother continued to live in Tokyo for the past few years together with his father. The plan was to stay there for another two years.
(Ah, I forgot to send them off.)
He had felt slightly guilty.
To faint from a bottle of beer was pathetic nonetheless with his physical constitution.
While giving a sigh without thought and sat cross-legged, he noticed his left leg was at the edge of the bed.
It seemed he had fallen asleep on the bed’s edge.
Realizing that there was an oddly soft sensation from his right leg, Kio sluggishly turned his neck to that side. Instead of the usual towel blanket, there was a protuberance under the white sheets.
“What… is this?”
Muttering with a groggy voice, the young boy lifted the sheets.
He saw something that had consisted of white and red sections.
Unable to discern as to what he had casted his eyes on, Kio reached his hand over to touch it. It was soft and warm.
The red sections rustled.
“Hn… Nyu.”
After letting out a moan, the body had turned over in its sleep. Furthermore, two slender legs protruded prominently as the sheets slipped off.
Moreover, the triangular objects from the red section had bobbed up. From the rear, a cylindrical-shaped object curled up and made a beckoning movement.
In that instant, Kio’s mind had cleared. He had comprehended the being that was in the same bed. It was a girl with glamorous red hair, cat ears, and tail.
The white he noticed was the white shirt she had been wearing.
However, it had seemed that she had nothing else on and it was apparent that the tail was rooted into soft skin.
Kio let out an inaudible scream and literally fell off the bed. He loudly hit his head on the wooden flooring with a loud *thud*.
Unfortunately, being no longer affected by the alcohol, the young boy was troubled with the pain in his head.
Awakened with the sound and vibration of the fall, the young cat-eared, cat-tailed girl sluggishly got up and, like so many would obviously say when it comes to mind at this time of day, she said
“Ah, Kio-san, good morning.”
Giving a bubbly smile, the red-haired girl bowed her head.
“Y-You- W-Why- Owww…”
The young girl looked at him worriedly as Kio felt the pain in his head, possibly due to the substantial impact, every time he projected his voice loudly.
“Did you hit your head? Then, please wait.”
As she said that, the young red cat-eared girl fetched a metal belt that was lying by the pillow. From the belt, she opened one of the pouches.
Inside it, she pulled out a thick mobile phone-like machine that folded outward into two. After flipping it open, she flipped a switch.
“Please set your hand aside.”
The young girl held the machine by Kio’s head as she instructed him.
Not before long, it made a rather cute electronic “pi-pi-pi-” sound. The young girl, who was looking at the machine’s indicators, looked slightly obscured.
“Oh my. Then to be entirely safe…”
As the young girl said that, she flipped another switch.
A high-pitched motor sound rang. When he realized it, the pain in Kio’s head went away.
“I was worried that it may have been a brain hemorrhage, so I have treated your wound for you.”
“T-Thank you…?”
Although a big commotion was made for a brain hemorrhage, Kio noticed the pain in his head had disappeared and thanked her.
However, as soon as he saw her white shirt’s opened seam, the young boy averted his eyes as it seemed that her pair of plump spheres were about to leap out.
“Is there something wrong?”
The young girl had innocently asked without any hostility, sarcasm, or humor.
“U-Uh, please fasten your shirt buttons… More like, why are you in my bed!?”
“Uhh, please wait a minute… Hmm, uhh.”
Firstly, the young girl had replied while she troublesomely fastened her shirt’s placket front buttons with her hands.
“Kio-san’s father and mother had told me to ‘sleep wherever you like.'”
“U-Uh, if that was the case, could you have at least woke me up? Then I could have slept on the sofa in the reception room…”
“Why would you?”
The young girl tilted her head in puzzlement.
“W-Why, you say? S-Since we are boy and girl, a misunderstanding could arise…”
For the young girl who tilted her head further in confusion, the young boy believed a much needed explanation was needed, but he quickly shook and cleared his head.
“F-For now, please change while I use the restroom!”
“Ah, okay…?”
The flustered Kio stepped out and closed the door behind him.
“Who on earth… is she?”
He muttered while mixing in a sigh.
At the same time, the front door chime rang. An abominable premonition quietly crept up Kio’s back.
The loud voice that came from a young girl, who would be unwelcomed in this very situation, was heard from the hallway.

The young girl with the cat ears and tail restlessly looked around her surroundings as she got off the bed.
From her belt, she took out a machine that was different from the one used earlier and headed toward it.
“Oh, really. From plastic resin and soft vinyl.”
Viewing the results from the analysis of the game figures and plastic models that were on the shelf, she looked motionlessly at the modeling.
“It is very minute… That’s impressive…”
What really attracted the young girl’s attention were two cat figurines. One cat laid under a futon with its face peeking out and the other was a kitten that slept and rolled onto its back.
Whether it was the detailing and coloring of the models or the precise mass manufacturing of the model, the goods were at the miraculous height of delicateness.
“The commander, analysis chief, and professor would be overjoyed to see this…”
*Poke* While poking the kitten, the young girl narrowed her eyes.
“…But, I would like something like this too.”
With a cheerful face, the young girl patted the kitten’s head with the ball of her pinky.
Incidentally, she wondered what sorts of faces will the people involved with the production of the goods when they become aware that even aliens admire it.

To Kio, serving as an alternative to an alarm clock or just a regular habit, the television in the Kakazu household’s reception room was always on.
Manami had her eyes glued to that television.
Having put on a plain stiffened smile, Kio headed down from the second floor.
“G-Good morning!”
While smiling and laughing, Manami wielded sharp words in the next instant.

“So, where’s the girl that came home with you last night? Introduce her to me!”

Like an immediate chemical reaction, Kio’s smile froze within a blink of an eye.
So, what kind of girl is she?”
“Ah, w-well. T-That girl is a bit odd… More like, girls like her do not exist… Actually, girls like her would exist, but… In other words-”
“I see.”
Manami had clapped her hands.
“In other words, she is ‘that.’ I see!”
“If it’s ‘that,’ then it can’t be helped.”
“I understand. Isn’t that great, Kiocchi?”
“Uhm, Manami-san?”
The young boy had timidly asked his childhood friend.
“What do you mean?”
“Eh? Although not written in just any book collection, it was a very good rich passionate tres bien night, right? Then because your girl isn’t waking up, Kiocchi is going to bring her some morning coffee.”
The young boy had sunk into silence as the young girl peered at him with a strange face.
“What’s wrong?”
“…Why was that explained so indecently?”
With an expression that everything went overboard, he had come back to his senses. However, that did not stop Manami’s interest.
“Ah, my apologies. The one doing indecent things was Kiocchi during your perfect night.”
“Don’t freely make up delusions!”
“Ahaha ♫ It’s just a joke.”
“…So, do you need anything from me?”
Kio had questioned with scornful eyes.
“Ah, take this. Did aunt and uncle leave already?”
The young girl had handed Kio the tupperware that she held under her arm.
“We fixed some breakfast for you.”
Kio gave a discontented face as Manami had an oblivious face on.
“Now, now. Just accept it for now. With that said…”
“You’re so upbeat…”
Giving a sigh and believing he had given up on arguing, Kio calmed himself.
In games and manga, a “childhood friend” is gentle and humble. She would always follow you, be within a step beside you, and come wake you up every morning, but it is regretful to say that Manami was not that kind of “childhood friend.”
She was overwhelmingly in a higher position than Kio.
For her, Kakazu Kio was more so a high-grade toy or a younger brother that was treated like a toy than a childhood friend.
Not to the extent of being bullied, but being teased whenever she came to visit.
…Well, speaking of Manami’s unreasonable demands, this composure of moving about in confusion was one that Kio has built up for nearly a decade.
That is to say, the teasing happens only when the two of them are alone. One possible situation where Kio can avoid Manami’s teasing would be when there was a third person. No thanks to that, one of the most harsh periods for Kio would be during his middle school days where there was no chance to avoid the teasing.
Nonetheless, he did not have an ounce of gratitude for her.
“Well, that’s that. It’s the difference between people with a definite objective and people that spend their days aimlessly.”
Fufun, the young girl puffed out her chest.
The top-ranked breasts in the entire class swayed with a bounce.
“I believe that’s not the issue at hand.”
This time, Kio, who would usually look away with a flustered face or turn his back away, looked straight at Manami.
“U… Kio, for you to come to this point [in life] to say that.”
Realizing the mood has changed slightly, Manami turned away.
“Anyhow, go home. I’m busy.”
Since it has come to this, he sullenly told Manami with a daunted face.
“What’s with you and your words!?”
In that abrupt moment, the young foreign girl, with long red hair down to the waist, came down the stairs.

And yet,
The naked young girl, with cat ears and tail still attached, wore the white shirt (belonging to a male. Given the large size, it is thought that it belongs to Kio’s father) again (and most likely wearing nothing from the waist down).

“Do you have a moment?”

The young girl leaned forward in between Kio and Manami.
The breasts enfolded in the white shirt swung with a wobble.

Not bounce, but a wobble.


It was a moment that explanations, retorts, nor cover-ups could be used.
Kio prepared himself for the flood of teases that Manami would barrage him with and closed his eyes without a second thought.
However, the flood never came.


Except for Kio, Manami stood frozen.

But, there was a different implication to it.

“T-Those pair of foreign goods…”

Although the faint vexing voice did not reach Kio’s ears, Kio came to his senses when Manami let out her voice.
“W-What are you doing!? Please go change!”
“Uh… About that…”
The red-haired girl had responded as the cat ears on her parietal flapped around.
“I had left my suit downstairs… Do you mind if I go get it?”
“Ah, o-oh really? Is that so? I-I got it.”

Nodding intensely, Kio looked away with a flustered face.
“Excuse me. I’m coming through.”
With a quick bow of her head, the girl with cat ears, a tail, and red hair that flowed like water, swept past behind Kio and greeted Manami before disappearing into the bathroom.
A dead silence fell before the young boy and girl.
Manami said with a sigh. She gave the young boy a cold stare without hesitation. Instead of usual Kio-teasing face, it was a derisible stare that came from a fastidious girl.
“I-It is a misunderstanding!”
The young boy nervously waved his hand in denial. This isn’t the type of story where you would think that “this has gone too far as expected.”
“Hang on. What’s misunderstood? Regardless of how much you love your games and manga, putting on cat ears and a tail on a girl, a foreigner no less, is a bit… Then to have her do this and that… You’re a pervert no matter how you look at it.”
“You’re mistaken!”
The truthful Kio cried.
“It’s absolutely a mistake. If you look closely, Manami-chan, those are actually part of her body!”

Another moment of silence.

Mixed in with a sigh, Manami warned Kio.
“Just give up with your tactless explanation. Which world will you see people with natural cat ears and tail?”
“…I don’t have a choice when they do exist.”
“Again with those words… Hey Kio, it’s fine to love your animes and games, but please don’t distort reality.
Based on extremely proper sense of reality, that’s why it was a troublesome girl’s opinion.
Then it was time for Kio to sigh.
“Manami-chan, please look at reality…”
“What? You’re the bad one for escaping reality! In that perverted appearance no less. For one whole night!”
Manami finally brought out her anger, Kio followed up, and both began glaring at each other.
“That’s just your own delusions!”
“They’re not delusions. I have derived my conjecture from basing off facts and common sense!”
In the case of the thing called childhood friends that are men and women, they are rather individuals and in a way their ever changing relationship can’t be controlled.
During the time the two gathered strength, the fireworks fell, and a big explosion…was imminent…
Suddenly, the front door slid open.
Along with the sound of the sliding door quickly sliding open with a *pishari*, a well-dressed female came in with a stern face. She seemed to be twenty-two or twenty-three years old wearing a suit with carefully combed chestnut-colored hair.
“Was what you just said true?”
Her facial features were well-proportioned and her style wasn’t bad, but thanks to her black-rimmed glasses and her tasteless charcoal suit, her entire body perfectly projected the radiating diligence which gave people a stronger impression over her beauty.
“Ah, Itokazu-sensei.”
For a moment, Kio tightened up. At the same time, Manami gave an unpleasant facial expression and immediately disappeared.
Itokazu Maki was a Classical Literature teacher at Makishi Municipal High School, where Kio and Manami currently attends. Incidentally, she was also the advisor of the Film Club that Kio was affiliated with.
“Sensei, why are you here?”
“Regarding next week’s training camp… you wanted to discuss about scouting for locations, right?”
Kio had finally understood.
“However, what Kinjou-san talked about earlier takes higher precedence is what Sensei believes.”
Frantically trying to make a calm but understanding facial expression, the blood vessels on her temple were pulsating.
“Ah, a-as I said earlier, Manami-cha- I mean, Kinjou-san was simply making stuff up!”
“So, Kinjou-san?”
“U-Uh… That’s…”
Honestly speaking, Teacher Itokazu Maki’s reputation was beyond bad among the schoolgirls.
She was extremely square with hard-and-fast rules. In addition, she did not speak the Okinawan dialect and did not understand jokes as she used too much theory. Furthermore, she poorly adapted with the students and the strange feeling was painful [to others] at times when she attempted understand others. (Though, it is a rather common but pleasant misguided endeavor for new teachers.)
Above all, ever since this teacher became the advisor, Manami knew about how Kio and the club has suffered quite detestable hardships and therefore did not hold any pleasant feelings about her.
However, it is also true that for her to deny her thoughts up until now would also not be interesting in this situation.
“Uh, it’s-”
As a result, in order to compile her thoughts, Manami had voiced out.
“It’s, in other words, ‘that.’ It was in order to stimulate the conversation.”
“No matter how it sounded, it seemed that both of you were in an argument.”
“Eh, actually, childhood friends are like that, Sensei. It becomes difficult to stop once in a heated conversation.
Somewhere in the absentmindedness of her monotone line, Minami let out an excuse from her mouth.
“However, it’s still true that Kakazu-kun is living under the same roof with someone of the opposite sex? In the current condition that both his parents are absent.”
“W-Well… They were here. Until this morning.”
Kio explained frantically as Maki gave a suspicious glare and straightened her Boston-framed glasses.
“Anyhow, let’s talk with the person in question.”
With a consented face, Maki had decided by herself.


At that point, as if it was perfectly timed, the young girl with red cat ears and tail made an appearance.
“Kio-san, is this okay?”
The tall young girl with magnificent proportions had appeared. Similar to when her body was fully exposed rather than half-dressed or completely naked, she wore a provocative full bodysuit that covered her from neck to toe and equipped an extensive metallic belt around the waist while her cat ears and tail faintly moved.


This time was Maki’s turn to freeze.

Firmly pressing onto the young boy’s shoulder with her trembling hand while the other hand pointing at the young red-haired girl.
“H-How shameless of you despite being in high school already! What is that ‘thing!?'”
“Uhm, I am not a ‘thing.'”
“Ah, I am sorry. I was not talking about you, but the thing that are on your head and behind you.
“Impure relationship with the opposite sex is already one problem… But despite how much anime you watch and games you play, this is overdoing it!”
“No, you see, Sensei.”
“Listen well. I will not disclose this to the school, but I would like to speak with your parents during the summer break…”
“Uh, that’s not originally my fault. She’s been having those cat ears and tail.”
With Maki’s angry voice, Kio spontaneously shrugged his shoulders.
“The school life may be difficult, but this is not how you should escape from it, okay? Did I not tell you before? There are many other wonderful things in this world.”
Maki said what Manami had just opened up with not too long ago.
Ignoring Kio’s words, the stern teacher continued with her so-called [good story].
“You’re mistaken. Please look at them properly. They are real.”
Looking at Kio’s desperate call, the teacher’s anger had disappeared. This time, she expressed with a pitiful sentiment.
“Please seriously face reality. True, the genetics industry may be developing it, but not to the point of tampering humans with. Even for an instant that the technology does exist, it is impossible. She looks like a foreigner and could be wearing that costume for whatever reason. That is, those could ultimately be just parts of a costum-”

“Ah, these are real.”

The red-haired girl nodded energetically.

“Are you a Japanese animations fan as well?!”
Maki had shouted with utter despair.
“You too, please come back to reality. I am unsure whether you are using high quality make-up for the cat ears and tail, but if you do not come back to reality, Kakazu Kio-kun will not either.”
“If you still doubt us, here.”
Leaning over slightly, the young girl took Maki’s hand and placed it on her own ears to touch.
Maki, with an astonished face, had uttered as she felt and patted the young girl’s ears.
“See? They’re real.”
Just as she continued to feel around the cat ears, she came to her senses. Maki shook off the young girl’s hand and jumped back.
“Ah, …just who are you?”
The young girl puffed out her chest with a nonchalant face.
In the evening, the tight fitting body suit concealed two shaking fruits and on her neck a golden bell sparkled.

“I’m an alien. I’ve come to play while I investigate something on Earth!”


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