Suashi c16

You should have seen this unbelievably long discussions we get just for scanlating a chapter. This doesn’t even count talking about the plot/storyline, but just plain ole’ logic.

[12:07:35] <@nichtmalda> oh yeah, one question I’m asking myself
[12:07:43] <@nichtmalda> the docs gods decompose water
[12:07:56] <!tiRAWRmisu> yup
[12:08:03] <!tiRAWRmisu> white joker
[12:08:10] <@nichtmalda> they produce hydrogen and oxygen
[12:08:18] <@nichtmalda> why don’t they just shoot a fire arrow into it
[12:08:27] <!tiRAWRmisu> …
[12:08:29] <@nichtmalda> let them decompose and flame their asses
[12:08:37] <!tiRAWRmisu> y’know
[12:08:42] <!tiRAWRmisu> that’s a good idea.
[12:08:44] <!tiRAWRmisu> im no chemist
[12:08:58] <!tiRAWRmisu> but that’d be a way better battle scene
[12:09:12] <!tiRAWRmisu> oh but
[12:09:23] <!tiRAWRmisu> we have oxygen, no?
[12:09:31] <!tiRAWRmisu> isn’t oxygen heavier than hydrogen?
[12:09:31] <@nichtmalda> yes
[12:09:42] <!tiRAWRmisu> hmmmm
[12:09:45] <!tiRAWRmisu> iono
[12:09:50] <@nichtmalda> it should burn
[12:09:54] <!tiRAWRmisu> right…
[12:09:56] <@nichtmalda> with a really big boom too
[12:10:02] <!tiRAWRmisu> huh, true.
[12:10:07] <@nichtmalda> we’ve done it in class
[12:10:37] <!CraN> no boom
[12:10:41] <!CraN> just fast propagation
[12:10:49] <!CraN> that looks like a boom
[12:10:55] <!tiRAWRmisu> yay! we have a chemist here!
[12:11:02] <@nichtmalda> it’s enough to flame their asses
[12:11:07] <@nichtmalda> cos it would be all around them
[12:11:21] <!tiRAWRmisu> bah
[12:11:29] <!tiRAWRmisu> the doc has blackjack
[12:11:38] <!tiRAWRmisu> he’d be back to normal in no time.
[12:12:19] <!CraN> but the condition was hurting him
[12:12:53] <!tiRAWRmisu> he could just keep recovering himself while being burnt.
[12:13:46] <@nichtmalda> the question is if he would be aware of what’s going instantly
[12:13:55] <@nichtmalda> or if he would need a few seconds
[12:14:14] <!tiRAWRmisu> y’know
[12:15:04] <!tiRAWRmisu> i’ve always wondered during class, “when will we ever need to know these when we graduate”
[12:15:12] <!tiRAWRmisu> i guess that’s answered now
[12:15:16] <@nichtmalda> lol
[12:16:07] <!tiRAWRmisu> and i think he would be aware
[12:16:23] <!tiRAWRmisu> since he’s here fighting them every single night
[12:19:16] <@nichtmalda> also, the doc is smoking most the time anyway
[12:19:26] <@nichtmalda> shouldn’t he have burned himself anyway
[12:19:59] <!tiRAWRmisu> just recover to the state where he has perfectly healthy lungs
[12:20:01] <!tiRAWRmisu> lulz
[12:20:08] <!tiRAWRmisu> smoke healthy ☆~(ゝ。∂)
[12:22:08] <@nichtmalda> how many m3 hydrogen are 1m3 water?
[12:22:36] <!tiRAWRmisu> h2o, right?
[12:22:38] <@nichtmalda> I know that 1 m3 water are 1700 m3 steam
[12:22:41] <!tiRAWRmisu> oh
[12:23:31] <!tiRAWRmisu> well
[12:23:46] <!tiRAWRmisu> iono
[12:23:48] <!tiRAWRmisu> :x
[12:23:54] <@nichtmalda> if the doc decomposes the water it should have been an explosion like reaction in the first place
[12:24:06] <!tiRAWRmisu> should it?
[12:24:22] <@nichtmalda> yes, water turned into gas
[12:24:40] <@nichtmalda> needing at least 2k times of the space
[12:24:51] <@nichtmalda> that’s how explosives work
[12:25:03] <@nichtmalda> they convert whatever into gas that needs more space
[12:25:10] <@nichtmalda> way more space
[12:25:14] <!tiRAWRmisu> mhm
[12:25:22] <!tiRAWRmisu> they’re out in the open space
[12:25:29] <!tiRAWRmisu> soooo, does it matter?
[12:25:39] <@nichtmalda> yes
[12:25:44] <@nichtmalda> that would have been supersonic wind for a splitsecond
[12:26:03] <@nichtmalda> blowing away anything withhin at least 20 meters
[12:28:08] <!tiRAWRmisu> just draw some speedlines on that page :x
[12:28:39] <@nichtmalda> and the red stain on the ground that was once known as the doc?
[12:28:59] <!tiRAWRmisu> hahah
[12:29:29] <!tiRAWRmisu> we can just safely assume that blackjack helped him throughout the rxn
[12:29:30] <@nichtmalda> man, this mangaka dropped out of school or something
[12:34:59] <!CraN> hhmmm
[12:35:14] <!CraN> i think we would need a deeper analysis of the docs gods

After a few moments of researching…

[12:41:53] <@nichtmalda> if it’s decomposed
[12:41:57] <!CraN> but he decomposes water,
[12:42:03] <@nichtmalda> 1m3 water produces 1700m3 steam
[12:42:05] <@x3Rampage> If 1 kg (mass) of water (which is 1 liter, by volume) is all converted into steam, the result will be exactly 1kg (mass) of steam. However, the volume occupied by a given mass depends upon its pressure. At atmospheric pressure 1kg of steam occupies nearly 1.673 cubic meters(m3). At a pressure of 1bar abs, that same 1 kg of steam will only occupy 0.1943 m3. Thus, steam should always be generated and distributed at rated boiler pressure and used at possible low pressure.The volume of 1kg of steam at any given pressure is termed its Specific Volume (symbol Vg).
[12:42:14] <@x3Rampage> found this in yahoo answers
[12:43:19] <@x3Rampage> so i guess it’s 1.673 m3
[12:43:52] <@nichtmalda> no, it should be more because both gasses are seperated
[12:44:04] <@nichtmalda> my guess would be ~2000
[12:44:11] <!tiRAWRmisu> hm
[12:44:19] <!CraN> that is if steam is created, doc just decomposes it though,
[12:44:21] <!tiRAWRmisu> this is all at 1 atm pressure, right?
[12:44:35] <!CraN> he doesn’t make steam :P

Another few moments pass…

[12:50:06] <!tiRAWRmisu>
[12:51:15] <@nichtmalda> long story short, the doc should have killed himself by decomposing that water
[12:51:42] <@nichtmalda> either by getting blown into pices or burned to dead
[12:52:14] <@nichtmalda> probably both
[12:52:22] <!tiRAWRmisu> hhahh~
[12:52:25] <@nichtmalda> smoking kills xD
[12:53:02] <!tiRAWRmisu> lol
[12:53:06] <!tiRAWRmisu> lesson learned!
[12:53:12] <!CraN> bu- well, it is “magic”
[12:53:28] <!tiRAWRmisu> no
[12:53:31] <!tiRAWRmisu> it’s “manga”
[12:53:38] <!tiRAWRmisu> where logic doesn’t apply at all.
[12:53:39] <@nichtmalda> “don’t decompose water, kids!”
[12:53:55] <!CraN> that tooo
[12:55:14] <!CraN> ._.

We’re not chemist people, but scanlators.
Logic and science doesn’t exist within us.
Anyhow, enjoy this wonderful chapter.

!Suashi16  ||  MF  ||  Reader


  1. Icarus_Wings says:

    I’m so sad I missed that conversation.

  2. VawX says:

    Well, that’s an epic observation about water decomposition mmm…

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