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Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!?:
Nobody wants to know what I had to go through to get these done.

Because we were (and currently still are) somewhat lagging behind, I caught up by two additional chapters. (Be thankful!)

With some further ado,
We will “officially” be running out of raws after c30 of Kono Onee-san. So I’ll have to find some way to obtain those raws.

If you were wondering, this series has been licensed. Sooooooooo, I’ll have to see if I will choose to continue it or not. (Major concern is just the absence of raws to continue.)

Here, without further ado, they are.

!Oneesan2527  ||  MF  ||  Reader (Reader only shows c25, but it’s all three chapters combined).



!SAO4k16  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Nothing good to contribute!

!SA37  ||  MF  ||  Reader


  1. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  2. kurochan says:

    Really thank you for keep scanlating oneesan fiction :)

  3. talv says:

    Thanks so much for the releases i love this series and am hoping you guys do continue it and find the raws

  4. ThatOneGuy says:

    Glad you’re not dropping Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!? despite Crunchyroll licensing it for view on their site! Hope u continue scanlating it to it’s end.

  5. jewfucker69 says:

    Fuck crunchyroll. You guys are awesome.

  6. Geese1 says:

    Many thanks for more Onee-san!

  7. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapters

  8. H_L says:

    Pleaseeeee do continue.. I (we) really love Kono Onee-san wa Fiction Desu!? series.. I believe it really does have a big fanbase.

  9. Raaern says:

    You are my God, LOVE U!

  10. JustOneOfManyBobs says:

    tiRAWRmisu and the rest of the team:

    Thanks for getting the next three chapters out for everyone.

    Reading through this release, I felt the Hurricane Misora blew in, stayed for a week and then suddenly left. I was hoping to see something for some insights into why Narumi acts the way she does towards Jun, but now I don’t know what to think. Here are some observations:

    * She does have a younger sibling that she cares about, but she is far more physically affectionate with Jun than Misora. So her draping herself over younger people as a sign of affection with family (and close associates) didn’t come from her interactions with Misora.

    * When Narumi “ran” from her old job, she also disappeared from her family.

    * Narumi is the bright one in the family (good at schoolwork stuff) but I get the feeling that it’s not very important to her family. I don’t think her father is an office worker. Maybe her family runs a small shop or are farmers?

    * Relationships between sisters can be puzzling. There are probably nuances in the Japanese dialog that are difficult to translate into English. How much of Misora’s interest in Jun is just teasing Narumi and how much is a calculating woman honestly considering a potential lover is hard to tell.

    * Do women see Jun as handsome? Is he an “older chick magnet” in training?

    * When Jun is helping Narumi wash dishes it does seem like they are a pair of relaxed lovers doing chores together.

    * (This comment is for tiRAWRmisu!) Misora’s body is nice, but Narumui is voluptuous by comparison. Still, we did get some cheesecake this time!

    * That Narumi considered Misora and Jun together at all indicates that she has no mental barriers to Jun dating someone older than him.

    While I would also like to see Riceballicious continue to Kono-oneesan (I think you do a very nice job here, and the translations are very good), everyone should understand if you choose to stop putting out the chapters.

    • tiRAWRmisu says:

      Well, it wasn’t easy releasing them, I’ll tell ya… It just so happened that the three chapters covered the Misora arc of the story. As for a spoiler: school festival arc is next. Here are some ideas/comments for your observations:
      * I guess it’s the attraction between the sexes?

      * I don’t think it’s necessarily running. If so, we might pass it off as moving to the cities for a change. There’s nothing to see in the rural areas. Other than nice scenery. Scenery. I like. But I do have to agree with “running away from family.”

      * We got no information about Narumi’s family and background other than her former job as an OL. However, she’s good with house chores and clerical duties. Given that, she should be definitely exceptional at home. If anyone is good at housework, I doubt they aren’t welcome at home :D

      * Relationships with siblings can be very complexing. I’m not sure if you have siblings, but they are either a magnificent supporter in life or just a complete pain in the ass. (For many of us, it’s the latter.) I would say the percentage would be 50/50. Misora is sick with his sleazy boyfriend and wants something new. In addition, she could be just teasing Narumi. Since they haven’t seen each other, talking/teasing/playing with each other is a common thing to do, no?

      * I don’t believe so. It’s like taking care/relying on a kid younger than them. I bet it’s their lust for youth. But I would believe that’s what the mangaka wants Jun to be; an “older chick magnet.”

      * Once you stick with someone long enough, you eventually look very close. Lovers? Maybe, maybe not. Similar to one and one’s coworkers.

      * Oh my, a comment for me?~ (Not sure why though…) ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Let’s just say Misora is still developing~ I see no cheesecake. Any tiramisu?~

      * Objection: You did see sick Narumi’s face when Jun and Misora were sitting on the couch. :D Her shocked face is also priceless~ But perhaps you might have a point.

      • JustOneOfManyBobs says:

        Thanks again for the hard work. We really do appreciate the work that goes into getting each chapter out. A big reason for all my words in the comments section is to let you know that the readers do more than admire the artwork in the manga.

        About the comments — Hmmm — I think you have better insights into the characters than I do. I have two brothers and two sisters, but the truth is, the relationship between my (both older) sisters is pretty complex. On the surface they get along, but you can tell there is a lot going on that is only hinted at. (What can I say. I’m just a dumb guy!)

        About the comment addressed to you: Well, actually I goofed. Icarus_Wings and I have been trading lines about cheesecake and beefsteak pictures since chapter 11. I like your idea about Misora and tiramisu. Tiramisu looks good, but tastes even better. Especially when its been soaked in irish cream. Each bite can be a little intoxicating. If I continue our comparison between Misora and our favorite dessert, then … hmmm …

  11. LoliX says:

    Thanks for the chapters :)

  12. Psycholobster says:

    Thank you for the release. You guys and gals are doing a great job with this series. I hope you keep up the good work.

  13. jun says:

    crunchyroll is SHIT
    thx riceballicious

  14. KaMeHaMeHaaaaa says:

    OK I love this series…..my favourite and would like to say thanx for all your hardwork in putting up the new chapters and P.S i found chapters 35-37 online and i was like whaaaaaaat!!! but then i realised about crunchyroll also working on this but i do want to see the rest of the chapters after ch27 sooooo please do not end this series here but i would understand if you do although i will be really sad, TY for all your efforst

  15. Father0fnine says:

    I would hope that you guys would at least continue to the point where crunchyroll picked the series up — if you do decide to stop. Otherwise, there’d be this big gap and I’d have to learn japanese and… and…

  16. Zippy says:

    So I assume you’re currently working on chapters 28-30 since you have raws for them. Hope to see them soon. But I’m actually writing this to ask the question. Does donations help you acquire more raws for the manga or is there simply no source to even purchase/find them from. Cause how much would be needed to acquire at least chapters 31-34 if you have upt o ch. 30 in raws?

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