Happy 1st Birthday Riceballicious!

And thank you to all the staff we’ve ever had!

(Even you, Teaparty. Come back already. >>;)

EDIT: Forgot this again >.<
Deus ex Machina is a Joint with Animexis. Please respect their rules and wait 24 hours before uploading the releases to any other place.

I always wonder why people do this. Isn’t it our birthday? Doesn’t that mean you all should being doing something for us? Anyways…

We’re in the middle of midterm season so I thought we wouldn’t have much. But then the best staff in the world reminded me why they’re awesome~ So you all get a MASS RELEASE! But probably not what you’re hoping for. No AW =(

It seems like we’re becoming more and more shonen with every series. My excuse for SA is that it’s by Wakaki Tamiki (author of TWOGK), but the truth is that we probably just have different tastes without Tea. >>;

Deus ex Machina – Chapter 16 – MF | !DxM16

Seikesshou Albatross – Chapter 12 – MF | !SA12
Seikesshou Albatross – Chapter 13 – MF | !SA13
Seikesshou Albatross – Chapter 14 – MF | !SA14
Seikesshou Albatross – Chapter 15 – MF | !SA15
Seikesshou Albatross – Chapter 16 – MF | !SA16

Boku to Majo no Jikan – Chapter 2 – MF | !Jikan02

Extra thanks to tunahawk & TiRAWRmisu, who really helped in the last minute rush.

This is our last chapter of Boku to Majo no Jikan. Unless someone can find raws for us. Thanks to 不良汉化组 for letting us use their scans this time.  D= It’s so sad. This series is great.

Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu almost made it. Expect it in a couple days~ The first chapter’s really long =3

Hey everyone, would you read posts about progress on series?


  1. troll-anon says:

    only drops kono kanojo for the love to the fans.
    yourselves are too many slow

    • Icarus_Wings says:

      I actually have no idea what you’re saying. =/

      Um… Thanks for dropping by?

      • sfgh says:

        He is saying yo have too many projects for your release speed. People like Easy Going Scans have many project, but release very often.

        You on the other hand release what could be weeks between the last one, you messed around making a site and even now, your most popular one Accel World is still not released.

        • Icarus_Wings says:

          Well, it’s not that all the staff have too many projects, it’s that most of us have no time. =D
          Let’s see why: midterms… manga… midterms… manga… I wonder which one’s more important?

          Aside from that, thanks for interpreting.

    • troll-anon-reply says:

      Don’t mistake actual manga fans and leeches who only wait to be fed their manga chapters. Scanlation groups can scanlate whatever series they want at whatever pace they like. Leeches don’t have a choice in the matter and have no right to complain.

  2. Yuu says:

    I sent you guys a cake, check your mail (no, I didn’t).


    Thanks for the Majo chapter =).

  3. Gaffa says:

    Happy Birthday! :D And thanks for the releases.

  4. Zg says:

    Thanks for release! Glad to see a new chapter of Deus Ex Machina out after almost a year. Funny thing too because just the other day I got my hands on the raws and skimmed through it all.

  5. Bobbo says:

    Boku to Majo no Jikan 03 scans


    no idea if they are in the right page order

    • Icarus_Wings says:

      Not more Chinese watermarked ones! D=

      Watermarked stuff is sad. And then the files are small and sometimes they aren’t so great at cleaning, and there’s not much we can do to bring things back.

      Besides, if we were to pick this up again, we’d need more staff, and if I’m going to go through all that effort I’d rather have something decent to work with.

      Thanks though.

  6. alfa says:

    Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the release


    It’s our 1st birthday and we finally put out a new chapter of the manga that started everything~ Even though it’s a little sad to say we only put out like 4 chapters in a whole year LOL

    • dayrains says:

      That’s okay. We’ll take what we can get since there’s no new Deus coming out. The artist finally took down the illo of the CWA chief he had on his site and replaced it with one of the characters from Not Lives.

  8. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for Seikesshou Albatross and Boku to Majo no Jikan^^

  9. Harimau says:

    New Seikesshou Albatross? I never saw this coming. I never thought this was coming.

  10. Sasura says:

    that’s some celebration ! thanks for this wonderful year =D and congrats in your one year birthday ><

  11. benii says:

    Wow, I didn’t think any new Seikesshou Albatross chapters would come out again. Thank you so much for translating it.

  12. surerman says:

    thank you for Deus Ex MAchina chp 16, after a long wait, I can read it again. Kinda sad tough, since Mangaupdates said it’s Axed after vol 4

  13. Hitori7 says:


    Happy Birthday Riceballicious!! <3 Omedetou Gozaimasu in your first year anniversary/birthday! Thanks for all the tremendous hard work and making this year worthwhile.

    Keep up the good work! Kudos to Riceballicious and more power!

  14. Harimau says:

    Hey, has anyone got a link to seikesshou albatross chapter 1? I got 2-11 from crazy’s manga, but chapter 1 is corrupt, or something.

    • Harimau says:

      Never mind. I worked out that it has a .zip extension when it’s actually a .rar. So, renaming zip to rar, it works fine.

  15. from indo says:

    Happy birthday :D
    BTW 10 Oct is my birthday too :D

  16. Earthalgeroth says:

    Thanks for the Albatross chapters. It was a huge suprise for me (a nice one ofc). I hope there’ll be more :D

  17. Naginata says:

    Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all of your works till nao.

  18. roxxorleet says:

    thanks for the release

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