[Updated: 12/27/2015]

Not recruiting.


Contact us at with your completed test.

NOTE: If you are wondering why we have not replied to your application is one of three possibilities:
1- You have entered the wrong email address (Top reason).
2- I might have accidentally missed your email. Send another one.
or 3- Both 1 and 2

What each position does is:

Translators (Japanese to English). Individuals who are able to translate between languages. If your english isn’t perfect, don’t worry – we have excellent proof-readers available to assist you.

Editors – People that have some experience. What I mean by experience is that we are looking for people who can clean and typeset as well. That is what an editor is.
Take the Cleaning and Typesetting test.

Cleaners – This is one half of the editor’s position. What a cleaner primarily does is clean out the bubbles, level, crop, and redraw. Depending on the project, you may be required to filter. We are searching for cleaners, both fresh and old. If you are applying with or without experience, that is fine. We will train you!
Test for Redrawing only HERE

Typesetters – This is the other half of the editor’s position. The typesetter’s primary role is to enter the script into the cleans. One requirement for a typesetter in this group is that you need more than ten fonts. We expect typesetters to be creative and knowledgeable about their font styles and how to produce good quality work.

Proofreaders – Someone who can spend a few hours a week, reading our scripts and pointing out mistakes. There will always be a mistake and if you claim there isn’t one, please try harder. Applicants should know their grammar, both basic and advanced. You will also have the responsibility of adding “flavor” to a tasteless literal translation, such as slight localization and making the dialog flow smoothly.

Contact us through email or IRC (both of which are located at the bottom of the page). As a member, you are required to be able to access IRC.


  1. I could proofread for you. I’ve got plenty of free time and have been looking for a chance to get my start in the scanslation world somehow. I sadly don’t have photoshop or else I’d help with cleaning and typesetting as well.

    I like to see a translation that reads cleanly and conveys feeling, rather than just being a transliteration, so hopefully I could be helpful.

    Any information I need for this position, you can send to

  2. Icarus_Wings says:

    I can help cleaning and/or proofreading =)

    With cleaning, I’m a total beginner in the scanlation world. It doesn’t sound too hard though, and I have a little bit of background, so I’d really like to try it out. Is GIMP okay? It can work with .psd, level, crop, and all of that stuff.

    Proofreading, I’m native English speaker. It’s really jarring when grammar or spelling is wrong, so if you need another proofreader, I’m here. I’d prefer to try my hand at cleaning though.

    Hope I make it in,

  3. I think I could cover both cleaning and typesetting.
    I have released one chapter before, located at
    if you would like to see my typesetting/cleaning style (it’s under a different name than I am submitting here, but we are one and the same person).
    I was part of a ‘group’ for a bit, but that was unofficial as it was only with my friend and I.

    I have Photoshop CS5 and I am very particular about language, so for the most part if I join, I won’t make took many mistakes (hopefully).

    For typesetting, I have quite a variety of fonts, so I think I should be fine in that aspect. I am a little weaker at cleaning, particularly redrawing, anything to do with two page spreads and color pages, thus I am hoping to gain some experience in this area. I should probably be fine with pages that aren’t too difficult to clean though.

    Sorry for the long introduction! You can contact me via email at any time, but I am still a student, so there will be times when I am busy.

    Thanks for considering me,
    Mirai no Kibou

  4. Bobthebob says:

    yo i can translate simplified chinese (traditional is probably doable but it’ll take longer and i wont get the puns) lemme know what i can do to help.

  5. Bobthebob says:

    email anytime

  6. s1r2 says:

    Hi there…

    sent a mail…check it up…

    see ya.

  7. Gwilthyunman says:

    Hey, I think I can help you with typesetting.
    I’ve sent an e-mail, hope I can make it!! XD

  8. thefriend says:


    I am an English teacher so I could proofread for you, my English is better than a native speaker.

    Just let me know.

  9. PuffyNuffy says:

    i would like to work with you guys, i have already some experience as a cleaner, worked on some projects, but there would be no problem, if i had to do some test xD

    would be nice to get a answer at my mail address xD

  10. Cham says:

    Good day.
    I am a translator (Japanese -> English) and I’d like to work with you.

  11. debbie says:


    i’m a cleaner so i can help you. just mail me :D

  12. Rachel says:

    hey i would love to be a typesetter,or a cleaner,i dont have any experience in cleaning,but i would like to learn

  13. Gerard says:

    Hi, I got no experience but I’m very interested to be an Editor and since I have no other things to do other than eating and sleeping, I think I can manage it once I learn everything I need. I only have a little knowledge with photoshop and TypeSetting. Just Send me and Email or my MangaFox Account

  14. Bao says:

    Hey I would like to volunteer my help, though I have no experience but I can definitely do proofreader. As for cleaner or typesetter, I would be happy to take those positions too with training.


  15. Hellshocker says:

    I would like to apply for the position of proofreader. I haven’t worked for a scanlation team before but I am confident in my english skills. I will be waiting for your reply! XD

  16. cannonfodder says:

    I would like to do some proofreading for you. I would also like to learn how to clean/edit if anyone is willing to teach me. Thanks.

  17. Yokubou says:

    I have some experience in scanlating, having worked on some projects before.

    I am understand both Chinese and Japanese and can translate, give me a shoutout if you need another translator!
    I have experience editing and typesetting as well.
    And of course, I can proofread as well, as I am fluent with English.

  18. gtsnowracer says:

    i would like to apply for the position of typesetter
    i have some experience (
    i am fulent in english (and french but whos cares about french XD)
    if you are interested please contact me at
    thank you for your consideration

  19. John says:

    Been sitting around on your irc with nick name panda360

    Cleaners: Currently all our projects require redrawing, both line and pattern redraws. Please do not apply if you cannot handle redraws.

    Can redraw lines and patterns.

    Cleaners – What a cleaner primarily does is clean out the bubbles, level, crop, and redraw. Depending on the project, you may be required to filter. We are searching for cleaners, both fresh and old. If you are applying with or without experience, that is fine. We will train you!

    Can do those, but would also appreciate tips/advise :)

    Typesetters – This is the other half of the editor’s position. The typesetter’s primary role is to enter the script into the cleans. One requirement for a typesetter in this group is that you need more than ten fonts. We expect typesetters to be creative and knowledgeable about their font styles and how to produce good quality work.

    I have a lot of fonts. ^.^

  20. ze marcelo says:

    Applying for an editor position. No experience.

  21. Alchemical God says:

    Hello, I would like to apply for a proof-reading position. I have no official experience, but I do have an amount of practice doing this sort of thing inside my head. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. Grenciae says:

    If you’re still in need of proofreaders, I have about 5 years of editorial experience, 1 spent solely proofreading. I’m also fluent in Japanese with 6 years of study and 1.5 abroad, though I’d prefer not to act as a translator. Contact me if interested.

  23. Digi-Cru says:

    Hi ^^ I would love to help you guys out~ I can do the editor position [so both cleaning and typesetting]. I don’t have any experience to show for it, but I’ve been using Photoshop for a good 6 years now and I’m very confident in my skills for editing. *I do lots of photo editing and drawing/ coloring*

    If you would like to see what I’ve got, I can do a sample page of your choice ^^ I would love to join your crew so lemmie know <3


  24. Ariel says:

    Hi guys, I’m working in a scanlation group called SAFT-TEAM as a trad, and I was working with the Suashi no Meteorite manga series, so I was thinking if the two groups can share some of the work with this. For example, our editors and cleaners can help with the raws and you with the translation or something.

  25. Akito says:

    Hey, I’d love to help out with cleaning but if possible only for Sword Art Online. Are there more than two chapters raw out at the moment? Oh and if possible, can you send me a link or a tutorial on redrawing? I’m fine with cleaning its the redraws that mess me up atm. Any tips would help.

  26. AnthoX says:

    Applying for translators (Japanese to English) for Deus Ex Machina (if you need help).
    I’m not too fluent in Japanese, only spent 11 moths in Japan and (barely) passed JLPT lv 2 in 2004, but I’ll see what I can do.

  27. Xera says:

    Ill be back soon replying for translator role…
    but for now ill be practicing chinese/english and japanese…
    well untill then

  28. Quatreyes says:

    I’m an ex-translator of the disbanded mD-xD group (I worked at some chapters of MPD Psycho) and currently a bounty translator of H-manga but now I want to apply as a JAP-ENG translator at your group.

    – I’m not fluent at English, so your proofreader REALLY need a high skill to re-style my translation.
    – I work slow due to my real life activity.
    – I don’t like a manga that have so many text that need to be translated. Well, I can translate it but it will take more time.

    So, if you need me (after reading the warning) or want to test my translation skill just sent me an email. ^^

  29. paramitan says:

    I would like to apply as a Jap-Eng translator, specifically Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu. I have my own scanlation group, but I really like to work on this project. I’m a bit confident of my Japanese so I thought I could try it. if you want to look at my work, please do look at the website link I have here. thanks!

  30. Icarus_Wings says:

    Sent you an e-mail~

  31. Ninetailsrpx says:

    Hey! I’d like to apply as a cleaner or a redrawer but only for Accel World or SAO xDD I don’t have much experience in editing manga. But I do draw characters and such (don’t really know if that helps. Sometimes I do color manga for mmvs to get rid of the text, bubbles, etc. so I guess it gives me some experience in redrawing and cleaning? But I do like to be trained though. I found some tuts online but it’d be awesome if you guys were my sensei’s as well to help me.

  32. Mnrykou says:

    Because fresh cleaners are accepted, I was wondering if I could…….try my hand at being a cleaner. Please let me know if you’re still recruiting or not and if you need samples of how well I draw… well, I’ll link ya when replies are made.

  33. eddie says:

    i was just wanting to find out some info about the cleaner job that you guys have up. iam fresh to this so i dont fully know what need to be done so any and all info would be greatly helped, iam 22 australia, so my first question is where is a the job based? i have done cert3 in mult media so i have photoshop flash 3d max(not much help for this ><) and i have had drawing as a small hobbie on the side, and i last question what is IRC? sorry for all the silly questions

  34. DarkHaze says:

    I can clean for you. I have some experience but cannot do it very fast. If you do, please take care of me.

  35. hikari yami says:

    uurrmm..i like to apply for cleaner.btw im a fresh one so i want to gather some experience
    and i like to know something,does a cleaner need a photoshop to do the job?

    im looking forward to working with you all

  36. stormfurx says:

    sorry if this was the wrong place to place my comment, i know this is the recruitment page =.=

  37. marcus says:

    I would like to apply as a redrawer since I have a lot of time to waste… Not cleaner( since I really suck though I kinda know how) but redrawer. I’m quite a fan of both Kono X wa Fiction desu.

  38. Joset says:

    Cleaner email: Edited for privacy

  39. MA5T3R says:

    I’d Lovett *love to* join as a proofreader. I know English better than most people I know, and will have no trouble adding ‘flavor’ as it says.
    I know that you don’t need any ATM, but I’d love to also help out as a typesetter, whenever it may be needed.
    I’m gonna only work on series that interest me, so if I don’t like it, I’m prolly not gonna do it. I have a wide range of interests though, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
    Email me back with info or tests!

  40. Columbus Dong says:

    I can maybe help with proofreading, I have a good amount of knowledge with grammar and spelling. I even find typos that my English teacher(I’m going to be a high school student) makes that are hard to notice without carefully looking.

  41. Columbus Dong says:

    Also I would like to work on series that I have a interest in like maybe Sword Art or something.

  42. Hiromi Reika says:

    Hi! I’d like to help you in any way possible. I can help you in proofreading since I have a background being an editor in a paper. I’m also willing to learn how to do typesetting, cleaning and etc. I can be online as much as possible since I have my own unlimited internet connection. So If you need some help I can be of assistance since I have free time to do so. Just email me if you’d like. Thank you very much!

    -Hiromi Reika-

  43. Tusjecht says:

    Applying as Chinese>English translator, both Simplified and Traditional. I’ve not taken any Japanese classes so I only dare work with onomatopoeia and the odd sound effects. If I tried J>E I’d turn up grammatical errors frequently.

    Primarily I’d like to settle AW first, both the main manga and 4koma. Afterwards I’m open for any other project.

    My past work experience is the light novel for AW Vol 11 (Three chapters on my WP and BakaTsuki), two full summaries of AW volumes, and the odd publisher’s summary of SAO volumes.

    I’m mainly available on weekends, though I can work fast given time.

    If accepted, I hope to work well with all of you and translate much, much more for everyone else to read.

  44. Uoruta says:

    I can translate a little chinese. I am currently learning chinese so it would help me to do some translateing.

  45. joshua faustino says:

    hellow guys are you needed a translator can i join :)

  46. joshua faustino says:

    Applying as japanese to English translator i hope i can join thanks :)

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