Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!?

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Late one night when Jun was out on his bike, he came across a drunk, half-naked girl sprawled on the side of the road. She came to be uncomfortably affectionate, but Jun took her to his home to sleep it off with gentlemanly discretion. It turns out that she is Kawase Narumi, his author mother's new assistant. Unfortunately, she has no idea what she's doing in her new job, so Jun's going to have to coach her. He's also going to have to deal with her habit of getting drunk, mostly naked, and cuddly. Jun's life will never be the same!

Comedy Ecchi Romance Seinen Slice of Life

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2 Volumes (Ongoing)

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2010.12.24     Chapter 01  MF  IRC  RO
2012.12.27     Chapter 02  MF  IRC  RO
2011.02.09     Chapter 03  MF  IRC  RO
2011.04.07     Chapter 04  MF  IRC  RO
2011.04.29     Chapter 05  MF  IRC  RO
2011.07.20     Chapter 06  MF  IRC  RO
2011.09.28     Chapter 07  MF  IRC  RO
2011.07.20     Chapter 08  MF  IRC  RO
2012.05.09     Chapter 09  MF  IRC  RO
2012.06.21     Chapter 10  MF  IRC  RO
2012.07.22     Chapter 11  MF  IRC  RO
2012.09.17     Chapter 12  MF  IRC  RO
2012.10.10     Chapter 13  MF  IRC  RO
2012.11.06     Chapter 14  MF  IRC  RO
2012.11.26     Chapter 15  MF  IRC  RO
2012.11.28     Chapter 16  MF  IRC  RO
2013.02.04     Chapter 17  MF  IRC  RO
2013.02.06     Chapter 18  MF  IRC  RO
2013.03.21     Chapter 19  MF  IRC  RO
2013.05.29     Chapter 20  MF  IRC  RO
2013.06.30     Chapter 21  MF  IRC  RO
2013.09.09     Chapter 22  MF  IRC  RO
2013.09.24     Chapter 23  MF  IRC  RO
2013.12.01     Chapter 24  MF  IRC  RO
2014.03.07     Chapter 25 - Includes chapters 25 to 27  MF  IRC  RO
2014.05.23     Chapter 28  IRC  RO
2014.06.11     Chapter 29  MF  IRC  RO
2014.11.01     Chapter 31  MF  IRC  RO


  1. Converter says:

    Wait so you drop Deus ex Machina? awww it was getting good too =(

  2. Loki says:

    I agree with Koern. Please pick Deus ex Machina back up! The series is completed (4volumes) but unfortunately is near impossible to impossible to find in English. We fans would be forever indebted to you if you would pick this back up!

    Ps: Pleeeeease!

  3. Hitori7 says:

    Hello there! I see a lot of people wanting the Deus ex Machina back and I am quite fond of it as well :) I don’t know the reason behind the end of releases of the series but if it is due to lack of raws then I could provide it you. I was searching for raws myself and stumbled upon this site :) (However, the site is in Spanish =_=) It has the raws from the Vol. 1 to 4 (I’m not quite sure how many chapters volume 4 has but currently there are 3 in the site)
    So, if you are interested just let me know and I’ll gladly give you the link :)
    I would very much appreciate it if you guys get the series running again ^-^!

    NOTE: Raws are in Chinese

  4. aishi02 says:

    if I may be so bold and ask for request about your project “Suashi no Meteorite” I’m an uploader and wanted to ask if it is possible to upload the said manga in http://www.mangatoshokan.com/ Thank you very much :) more power for riceballicious :D

  5. aishi02 says:

    thanks a lot :)))

  6. Dragnfly says:

    Thanks for your work on Deus X Machina. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now and just found out the name thanks to you and Horobi no Michi.

  7. Osprey says:

    I was mildly upset when there was no designated place to declare my undying love for Riceballicious! That being said, here it is: “Riveballicious has my eternal and undying love for being awesome!”

  8. tmt12718 says:

    links to chapters 2 and 6 are dead – any chance of a re-upload?

  9. The P-man says:

    Hey guys, hows about updating this page no?
    BTW, is Seikisshou Albatross going to be part of your projects?


  10. Junichiro-Kun says:

    I would really like to continue see Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu manga to continue I wish the status from pending to active :D I would be really glad and the story have an interesting plot ^^

    • Icarus_Wings says:

      Haha, yeah.
      Sorry, I haven’t updated the page.
      /me points to the “Last updated: 9/5/2011”

      I’ll get around to it soon, I guess.