DxM c25

Oh, dear me…

We got 2 chapters until the sweet finale.

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Oneesan Arrival


IMG_6465 IMG_6466

Soooo, more onee-san to come. Be patient! or just go read CR[ap]’s version.

If you’re looking for a quick peek preview of our progress on Kono Onee-san, head over to our Twitter.

SAO 4koma c17

Here you go.

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Now I go back to my peaceful slumber.

Stupid Oneesan

I placed a special order for the next volume of Kono Oneesan (Volume 6, btw) which contains chapters that are not available online.

It better be worth the damn wait time.

Suashi no Onee-san wa Meteorite desu!? c1929

Because combining names of series has never been more fun~

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EDIT: I gave up following the order of series to scanlate I talked about two posts ago. Talk about a man of my word… orz

ADD: I’m still waiting for the stupid sixth volume of Oneesan to be out. And just two more chapters to go for Suashi!

ADD2: MF links are up.

Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!? c28

School Festival arc.

Not much or too intensive.
Just right.

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ADD: Forgot the MF link :x

Tentative Planning

Given our decreasing amount of staffs, here is our new tentative plans for pushing out our releases.

All series are lined up in alphabetical order or by popularity.
We, the staffs, will then concentrate on that series for one chapter (around for one month).

Pretty sure it’s not going to work very well, but working with whatever I can utilize.

Now about the series (plus updates) we’re [still] doing:

Accel World:
This… I don’t know. We certainly have the raws. I’m no certain about the motivation. Of course, it’d be wonderful if I can find someone willing to translate this.
Waiting on: Finding a translator

Deus Ex Machina:
We are so close to the finish line. Just two to three more chapters to go.
Waiting on: Translating

Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu:
Got a lot to talk about this series.
The raws we still have left for is chapters twenty-eight through thirty. This means we are close to having zero chapters of raws (If my common sense proves correct).
So, I had planned to buy those monthly magazines, however, it’s quite pricey if it’s accrued over time. (Why donations are highly appreciated…) Therefore, I plan to buy the volumes raws.
Volume raws come out about every six to eight months. So we’ll have to see if my patience or my need for this series wins.
Oh right, I’m pretty sure we’ll be continuing Kono Onee-san after chapter thirty-five.
Waiting on: Cleaning

Seikesshou Albatross:
My translator is busy. So much effort is needed to budge her to start translating. In fact, I have just emailed her just before writing up this post.
Waiting on: Proofreading

Suashi no Meteorite:
Just three more chapters and we’ll be finished with this wonderful piece of work. The only problem we have is that I am unable to find the last two chapters in their original Japanese text. All I can find are Chinese raws which raw quality is extremely decreased due to poor editing skills. So if anyone can help pitch in for the search of the raws, that’d be splendid.
Waiting on: Me quality checking :x

Sword Art Online 4koma:
Raws are aplenty. No worries here other than waiting for translations which slightly slow due to the subtle jokes thrown in when it’s completely unnecessary.
Waiting on: Translation

Maybe I should start considering recruiting translators to help fill in positions.

Oh right, forgot our new series: orz
There’s only three chapters (or episodes) to this series. Since it’s actually a “one-shot” that stems from the series called “Love Sync Dream.” Love Sync Dream is an interesting manga as it is certainly the least of what one could expect from a manga. If anyone feels up for tackling such a manga, email us!
Waiting on: Translation

I’ve used the information of the popularity of our series and have made a list we’ll be trying to go in order:

  1. Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu
  2. SAO 4koma
  3. Suashi no Meteorite
  4. Seikesshou Albatross
  5. Accel World
  6. orz
  7. Deus Ex Machina

orz ep01

I’ve told you so!

This next story had us “orz-ing” the entire way of the chapter.
From deciding who shouldn’t work on it to why-are-we-doing-this? sort of behavior to using the wrong gradients while making the credits page.

You’ll notice how this may not be the usual type of manga you all are used to reading, but I’ll guarantee you that the manga may not be seemingly far-fetched.
Though, those that have read “The Wizard of Oz” should enjoy it just as much as I did.


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EDIT: It seems I forgot to add the exclamation mark on the trigger for torako. So let’s just do without it!

ADD: I hated redoing the borders and background. If anyone finds a better way to deal with that, please do tell~