A FAQ for those curious ones.

  • Do you have a delay for readers?
    • No, we don’t. However, respect the policies of any groups we do joint projects with.
  • Can I retranslate into another language?
    • Do what you want, as long as you credit whatever you use. Telling us would be nice though.
  • When is ______ going to be out?
    • I probably have no idea. It will be done WHEN we release it.  Unless asking about when it’s released in Japan. Google it.
  • I have no skills/time/will-power but I want to help.
    • If it’s skills, we can fix that. Editing can be learned quickly. (If you have the patience to do so.) Japanese? Well, contact tiRAWRmisu about that.
    • Otherwise, leave a comment, lurk on IRC, or just click the heart. Call it what you want, but it’s still nice to know people are reading what we’ve poured time and effort into.
  • Why’s the site so out of date?
    • Because we’ve been working on manga instead. Because we now have lives more than scanlation.
  • Why sketching (and among other things) when you guys could use that time to be working on the releases?
    • Because we can. We all have a life worth living.
  • I have a question.

    • Leave a comment.

Revised by: tiRAWRmisu
Updated: 22 January 2014


  1. Tsukiko says:

    Hello. I would like to re-translate Accel World into polish. May I? :) Thank you.

  2. Poligrafowicz says:

    I really like many series which you are currently translating and I was wondering if you would be interested in a certain (sadly) untranslated series. The series in question is “Shihou Sekai no Ou”. It’s about an evil girl (and her wimpy boyfriend) who plans to destroy the world. The girl has very unique powers. The series takes place in ancient Babylon. RAWs for all 4 volumes are available on the internet. The series seems to be on hiatus right now though.

    • tiRAWRmisu says:

      Nice suggestion. However, we are full on our projects list. We won’t be considering any new projects until we have finished a few of our existing ones.

  3. winry says:

    Hello! (:
    I would like to re-translate Deus ex Machina into italian. May I? :)
    thanks a lot.

  4. keks101 says:

    Hello :)
    (sry if my english not correct (i am from germany^^))
    Why is in accel world chapter 01 picture 11 said :”IT´S THE YEAR 2140 ” ? at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accel_World is written that is in the year 2046.

    • tiRAWRmisu says:

      Who knows? It’s been too long since chapter 01 was released. Difference between the two adaptations presumably.

    • Icarus_Wings says:

      Mmmm… So I don’t think anyone has the files from that time, but looking at the Chinese scans, it’s probably the common mistake where people think the 21st century refers to the 2100s. =/
      The literal translation from the Chinese scans is something along the lines of “During the 21st century and the 40th decade… ”
      So assuming the Chinese scans are correct (not guaranteed, they’re prone to mistakes too), Wikipedia is correct.

      We won’t be doing a version two, since as tiRAWRmisu has mentioned, it’s been too long since it was done and we no longer have the editable versions of the files.

  5. Wa! says:

    Uh, has “Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu” been dropped?
    Or do you still have translator problems?

    • tiRAWRmisu says:

      No way. We don’t plan to drop either Fiction series. Nor do we have any problems on the translators. That is all I will confirm for you.

  6. sasori69 says:

    do you have an RSS channel?

  7. yeayea says:

    I want to join as a cleaner, but I’m a total newbie, do you have any links to tutorial(s)?

    *by the way, sorry if my English is bad*

  8. Aylak says:

    Hello, I’m Aylak from Ajia no scantrad, a new french team.
    I would like to re-translate Sword Art Online from your english into French. Do I may?
    I will give you crédits for your scanlation team on the same page as our.

  9. Mugu says:

    I’m from russian sao wiki community.
    Would you like to translate SAO Progressive manga? We can even send you clead raws, just translate it)

    If you have questions – my skype: vadzaaaaa

  10. ContributorFTW says:

    Hi, I saw your work on SAO for a while now, and first, I’d like to thank you guys for your hard work. That being said, I’d like to propose something. There’s a translator from the site Baka Tsuki named Tap. He’s been doing some good work on translating Sword Art Online stories, and I’ll put some links in later. In one post, he mentioned he’s looking for redrawers for the Sword Art Online – Girls Ops manga. Seeing how you guys have done great work for the SAO mangas so far, I thought I’d talk to you guys about working with him to translate/scanlate the SAO manga series. I put in some links along with his post where he asked for people. Sorry that this is so long, again, I’m a first time commentor and I love SAO. I just thought this would be an interesting venture for both of you.




  11. dvcdce3 says:

    Are you still working on Accel World or have you dropped it?

  12. Robert delgado says:

    i would like to thank you all for all of your hard work. i truly appreciate all of the time you have spent translating all of these manga and would like to say that you all are doing a great job. however, i have been waiting on a new chapter of sword art online fairy dance for a while. has the project been dropped or are there staffing issues?

    • tiRAWRmisu says:

      SAO-FD is taking a while due to “staffing issues.”
      Though, another quick tidbit: the next chapter will be our last chapter we will be planning to scanlate. Reason why will be explained in the release post.

  13. Chiaki says:

    Hey guys,
    I would lo~ve to translate SAO 4-koma in to czech language. I love SAO, but 4-koma version is just so adorable. You have perfect scans, great translation, cleaning and typesetting. Hope you don’t mind? :3

  14. Sky Lord says:

    Can I re-translate Sword Art Online 4koma into Vietnamese? Can I?
    Thank you.

    • Icarus_Wings says:

      lol I still get notifications sometimes
      Whelp I’ve no real authority right now but I’m sure it’s fine. Thanks for telling Riceball.
      Go for it!

  15. Ice says:

    Hello! I’m Ice, Sakura Animes’s uploader, a Brazilian site of anime.
    I come to ask them permission to repost the manga Accel Worl on our site, together with the manga in Portuguese.

    I await response.

    Carefully Ice.

  16. Acorn444 says:

    Hi, I’m from Forgotten Scans, I’d be very interested in doing a joint to finish Seikesshou Albatross. We only need a translator and we should be able to handle the rest. Please email me back with your decision.

  17. Invictus says:

    Hello, Why some archive are with some password required? Do I have to join to have it and to open them? If so, how do I do? I think I could bruteforce them but it feel like cheating as you take the effort for all those scanlation…
    Keep the good work!

  18. Invictus says:

    Hello, Why some archive are with some password required? Do I have to join to have it and to open them? If so, how do I do? I think I could bruteforce them but it feel like cheating as you take the effort for all those scanlation, and some of your “private joke” really made my day but I wanted to put this scan on my tab to read it again!
    Keep the good work!

  19. Ely says:

    Hello!! I want to translate some of your scans to Spanish, may I? Thanks so much :)

  20. Lee says:

    Well, I started reading Accel World, one of your projects, and I am curious as whether or not you’re still actively translating/scanslating. If so, I would like to donate because I am aware that these projects do require a lot of resources. However, I want to donate directly to the group and make sure the donation is being used correctly. Anyways, if you haven’t heard it as much as you should, thank you all as a group for dedicating the time and skills required for these types of projects!

    • tiRAWRmisu says:

      Setting aside the fact that there are actually people who wish to donate, we do thank you for your thought. But we did scanlation as a hobby and hobbies will require out of pocket expenses or it wouldn’t be a very fulfilling hobby.
      (But damn, 7 months ago… I’m pretty slow at replying to comments :D )

  21. Shrek says:

    Do you guys already have the raws for the final few Seikesshou Albatross chapters?

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