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Otoko wo Misete yo, Kurata-kun! c06

Not sure what frame of mind I was in to be working on this project. I won’t bother thinking any further.

After much efforts to make free time, it’s out.
I shall say no more.

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Otoko wo Misete yo, Kurata-kun! c02

Well, yo~

It has been about ~134-ish days since the release of the first chapter of this series, so it’s about time for another release >.<

Well, here we are (finally).  As we turn to a new page of Riceballicious Historia (i know, adjectives would go in the back, but it sounds better this way ;3 ),  I am happy to present to you Kurata-kun c02!  This is good and sad news, since we are finally to output another chapter of Kurata-kun.  However, you might not see this series being released very soon as we do not have enough “staffie power” to continue this.  So unless there are some brave applicants willing to help, throw us a message by email or IRC.

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JP>EN Translator!! (for Black Rock-chan and Suashi no Meteorite)
Editor!! (for Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu!)


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( a day late >.< )
恭喜發財! 龍馬精神! 竹報平安! 步步高陞! 身體健康! 萬事如意! 出入平安! 花開富貴! 笑口常開! 上下平安! 歡樂年年! 吉星高照! 得心應手! 財運當頭! 大地回春! 招財進寶! 如意吉祥! 心想事成! 年年有餘! 迎春接福! etc. etc.~




Otoko o Misete yo Kurata-kun! c01

It has been almost a year ago (313 days ago according to B-U) when we released the Prologue chapter of Kurata-kun. Now, we present you the long awaited chapter of Kurata-kun, which is chapter 1!!

We’re really on roll this month! This is the seventh release this month! I just hope that we can keep this marathon last longer. XP Anyway, this chapter is brought to you by lightstorm, tiRAWRmisu, Icarus_Wings, grenciae and Zorori-Sensei.

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Kurata-kun! Prologue

A cliched harem story with a supernatural twist (not seen in prologue). Can’t think of anything to put here…

Oh yeah, WE NEED TRANSLATORS O_O!! Please, do come to our IRC. *cough* anyways… moving on with life…

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