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I’d like to break this hauntingly silence with some goodies!
Yup, goodies~

We have Sword Art Online 4koma c09 and c10 (double release?)
This series stayed in the same place (many thanks to our hardworking student-like staffs).

!SAO4k09  ||  MF  ||  Reader
!SAO4k10  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Note that this is a joint with Village Idiot Scans, so please remember to respect their release policies.


We are “nearing” the end. Very, very, very, berry, berry close to the end. Seikesshou Albatross c34.

!SA34  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Hmmm, next we have Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu c20.
Not sure what to declare here, but it’s progressing at a pace just right for us.

!Oneesan20  ||  MF  ||  Reader


And another project (collecting dust? Hopefully not.) Suashi no Meteorite c14
We’re finally slowing climbing the steep portion of the plot. So rising action, I suppose?

!Suashi14  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Just can’t get enough of 4komas, can we?
Here is the LAST AND FINAL chapter of Black Rock-chan.
Although, it’s a 4koma, it’s been a long ride. Good job, staffs.

!Rock-chan10  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Last but not least we have Sword Art Online – Fairy Dance c03
Slowly, but surely.

!SAOFD03  ||  MF  ||  Reader

This a joint release with Bikkys Scans. Remember to respect their release policies!

That should be it. Have fun, enjoy life (if any), or just good luck in school~

Also, please don’t ask about Accel World, there are some malfunctions in our mechanic staffs. Though, I can say it’ll be “soon.” (trademark logo here.)

If you don’t seen MF or Reader links in hyperlink, that just means I haven’t gotten the time to upload it just yet. But it will soon.

Black Rock-chan c09 + AW4k c05

It’s been an insanely long time since these series were released.

Been busy and all that nice stuff.

A few notes (that’s nice) to know:BRC c09 is the second to last chapter of this series. c10 will be nice (3rd time I typed “nice” in this post already.)
We will be dropping Accel World 4koma due to the very crude jokes that are contained within it. For those that are interested in continuing this series, do email/message/PM/irc us! We’ll be giving the raws out then.

Nowww, enjoy~

!Rock-chan09  ||  MF  ||  Reader
!AW4k05  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Merry Xmas and Holidays~

As many should be aware, our site suffered “massive” damage from many shifts and turns…

Hopefully, this will be a thing of the past. But it comes with a price to pay… (literally). Our new domain will cost us exactly $12.57 annually. Everything will be paid via Paypal. So it’d be a great help to achieve that goal.

Setting all that matter aside, Merry xmas and holidays!
Here are some releases that were released when the site was down:

Black Rock-chan c08
!Rock-chan08  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu c10
!Kanojo10  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san c07
!Sayoko07 || MF || Reader

And here’s what some have been waiting for:

Deus Ex Machina
!DxM21  ||  MF  ||  Reader
!DxM21.5  ||  MF  ||  Reader
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Happy 2nd Birthday Riceballicious!

So, so, so, so, so, so… 10/10!
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Happy Birthday! (to us) v(°∇^*)⌒☆YAY!~

Thank you to all staffs that brought us this far! (*^3^)/~☆

(I’ve sent numerous search teams and worked with lotsa CIAs and innocent bystanders; no results. So might as well slap it here: Get back here Tea!)

Feeling quite celebratory today.
It’s been two years with all this Riceballicious goodness.

I was reminded from our previous birthday:
“How come we don’t get presents? Where are our presents? :I ”
(It’d be nice if we do get some nice presents)

Onto what you all have been waiting for…!


We all love cake *w*
(Though rice cakes also taste delicious~)

And we also have presents to hand out (despite how it should be vice versa):

We ended on a high point but this chapter starts off real slow. It’d be nice, but in a bi-monthly…
On the bright side, I love the art for this chapter. It has the best funny faces of all the AW chapters, and they lampshaded Taku’s design revamp.

Anyone else think “Oedipus Complex” first thing on page 7?


That role of the little sister really drives me nvts.
But still interested in what happens next

!AW12  ||  MF


After a while from its mini-hiatus, she’s back!
It’s impossible not to forget cute little Rock-chan!
I’m finally beginning to favor this short and sweet 4-koma packed with limitless adorable characters.

(Note there are two versions of this chapter~)

!Rock-chan06n  ||  MF
!Rock-chan06t  ||  MF


This manga never fails to make me mad.
With those numerous annoying yells. (Incessant, in fact).
Though, our birthday makes up for the madness

Here they are.
We don’t have one release, nor two, but three releases of SAO!
(Maybe I should note that SAO c08 is “NSFW” as we finally have Asuna on the offensive side :D I also threw in an extra 4-ish pages that are meaningful… >:3)
(Finally coming to an end in the manga adaptation! No more painful redraws!)

!SAO08  ||  MF
!SAO09  ||  MF
!SAO10  ||  MF


What’s next? We have Sword Art Online 4koma!

Seems like we’re not in the side stories any more, and this 4koma has some scenes that I really didn’t feel the need to see. Stare at the cute Asuna. You’ll need it.

It just gets better and better. (<- tiRA’s opinion~)
I wonder how’ll this comedic version of SAO will continue.

We are now jointing this project with VIScans.
So please remember to respect/follow their release policies (if any).

!SAO4k05  ||  MF
!SAO4k06  ||  MF



“YUUUUUUUURI! Want Omelette rice?!?”
I wish I would have someone make me omelette rice…
But hey, I don’t mind with something different this time.
Like Chili shrimp, not that I never tried it, but I prefer not to be made by [Michiru].

How was the cliffhanger we left you all in the last chapter? Exquisite, eh?
See who messaged Yuuri in this chapter! (<- Sounds like something an advertier would say…)

We finally see some intersecting connections between the fellow main characters.
Let’s hope for more criss-cross! >:3

We are still looking for a translator for this project!
(The temporary translator is busy with other stuff, so lessen the load by helping out!)

!Kanojo09  ||  MF



This chapter simply tops it all off. (The title finally has some meaning!)
Here we see how the Narumi-san got to where she is now.
(Oh, our lovely Narumi-san is quite a genius. Esp. her confession in this chap~)

!Oneesan13  ||  MF


Add’l comments:
MF links will be up later into the day than the usual 24 hours. Be thankful! >:I
Links are online.  (Thanks to those that download via triggers! ^^)


The Surprise!!~

Hey, hey~
Now it’s time for another of those mass releases, since either we get them done or we don’t. Somehow we always end up finishing a lot at one time. (Awesome, eh?)

First off we have Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu.
It took us quiet a while to get chapter 02 done. But in addition while I was busy compiling c02, we managed to get c03 and c04 out also~ Woot.
!Kanojo02  |  MF
!Kanojo03  |  MF
!Kanojo04  |  MF

Next up, Black Rock-chan!~ I heard some rumors that it’ll have its own anime also, it better be awesome.
!Rock-chan04  |  MF
!Rock-chan05  |  MF

Then we have Seikesshou Albatross.
It was stuck in some random QC folder and was never found until I felt like doing some cleaning out.
!SA21  |  MF

OH, man~ An awesome debut of another 4koma! Sword Art Onoline 4koma!!!
It’s awesome, because it just is.
!SAO4k01  |  MF
!SAO4k02  |  MF

Lastly, we have a one-shot: Present for Me.
It’s quite awesome if you know something about S.C. However it is a few months late…
!PfM  |  MF

Now, some might be wondering where’s Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu?!
Don’t worry, I’ll release it when it’s time to release it.

MF links up, Thanks would be appreciated.

Oh, do remember we are recruiting! Mainly concerned about experienced editors and I need a typesetter for Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki!


Black Rock-chan Ch03

ヾ(´□`* )ノ So cute~ (Not my bad color job though xD)

Was I the only one who thought Rock-chan was mute in this series? Then this chapter comes along… and…


Download – MF |  !Rock-chan03

Yes we’re slow again. >.> Apparently, it’s finals now.
Will they ever end!? Stupid tests, I want my staffies back.

Black Rock-chan c2

Hey there! It’s Gwilth again!

Another chapter of Black Rock-chan! Our lovely leader did almost everything on this chapter! Anyway, this chapter is brought to you by Icarus_Wings, sedicebisonte and me. Enjoy~

Download – MF | !Rock-chan02
Trigger will be up later. Trigger is up.

Our next release is probably either Yuritetsu or Index again, just wait and see… XP

Oh yeah, just to let you guys now that we have a version 2 of Index c45, just go here. ;)

Black Rock-chan Ch01

Saw the RAWs today and just decided to do it.
This is a 4koma manga explaining how Black Rock Shooter chibi version protects the world. Enjoy.

Download – MF