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Accel World Ch06

The wait wasn’t that bad, was it? ;)
This icon, by the way, came from chapter 7.

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Our group is currently having our slump period. We do have a lot of time between chapters after all. =P So if you’re a nice person passing by, getting your share of awesomeness, could you kindly point us to some entertainment?

Accel World Ch05

It’s time.

This is the ending of the beginning.

Like how I’ve warned plenty of others. This chapter has a huge cliffhanger.

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Accel World Chapter 4

Ah~ Finally, my months of procrastination have come to an end. Consequently, Accel World c5 and SAO c2 have been translated and are ready for editing. We only have one editor left and we’re understaffed. If you think you can help editing, do feel free to come knock on our doors. :) We may not have a big red curtain and we — or rather, I — may disappear every once in a while for a month or so… but… nevermind. At this point I’ve come to realize we don’t have anything to attract new members. xD But we’re recruiting nevertheless. Need editors and JAP translators.

Accel World ch04 – MF

To answer those wondering about the status on our projects:
Active: Accel World, Sword Art Online, Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu
Incoming: Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu (translating & cleaning in progress)
Everything else has been dropped.
XscansX has decided to pick up Ushiro after our little failure. We’re quite delighted to be able to read the manga as well.

Accel World Ch03

Happy (belated) Chinese New Year! Here’s a release to welcome the year of the rabbit.

Expect a couple more releases soon too, things have just been sitting around. Unfortunately, Ushiro no Shindere was the victim of computer death and Otoko-wo Miseteyo Kurata-kun is still stuck at TLC, so you all will have a wait a bit longer for those.

So without further ado, we present to you Accel World Ch03

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Christmas Eve

I’m surprised no one told us to hurry up and release Accel World, though we did receive quite a few amusing emails from others “politely” requesting joints. Of all the cleaners this RAW went through, it still ended up in the original editor’s hands. And so she brings you these gifts for Christmas: Accel World 2 and SAO chapter 1.

Accel World Ch02 – MF

Sword Art Online Ch01 – MF

Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!? Ch01 – MF

What can I say… we just love doing chapter ones. We now have a bot up and running on the IRC thanks to a portuguese scanlator friend. It can’t handle too many people though, and will only be used for amusing myself, like putting these chapters on there a few days prior to Christmas and seeing if anyone would find out. =P

We won’t be releasing anything in the next week or two, not that that’s surprising or anything. We tend to be slow at releasing. Most of the staff are out on vacation or busy watching anime and won’t be back in a while.

Some people have asked about Deus Ex Machina. No, we have not dropped it. But because there are only a couple chapters of RAW left I didn’t feel like translating them, seeing as how we’ll have to drop it afterwards. Also, Otoko o Misete yo Kurata-kun! is stuck at translation checking because I’m being a bum.

Hope everyone has a happy white Christmas and not a soggy one like mine.

Accel World Ch01

Our new project. It’s definitely worth a read. The script was rotting in my harddrive for over 2 weeks. Finally got it released thanks to our awesome new staff members. This is a monthly manga so don’t expect us to release this faster than one per month. ‘Tis a bi-monthly manga.

There are a couple more new projects, but I just love procrastinating too much.

Enjoy our new wimpy over-sized protagonist. <3

Oh, and I would appreciate it if someone could hunt the Jap RAWs for this manga for me. Also recruiting translators, but then again, who isn’t? Requesting Japanese Translators for Accel World and Sword Art Online!!

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