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AW c14

Nobody fret. It’s not dropped or anything.
“It’s not like I care about this series, o-okay?”

Cutting back to my point, we need brave new people to help us out. (Translators will help us tremendously.)
“Riceball wants YOU to join Riceballicious.”
Hmmm, that might be a good poster to design… Yeah, I think it will.

!AW14  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Accel World 13

Was told to release this Saturday, it’s still Saturday for me, ha ha (30 mins left :/). ;D

Nothing else to say :/, soooo enjoy and expect more releases next month
ha ha.

!AW13 || MF || Reader

Happy 2nd Birthday Riceballicious!

So, so, so, so, so, so… 10/10!
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Happy Birthday! (to us) v(°∇^*)⌒☆YAY!~

Thank you to all staffs that brought us this far! (*^3^)/~☆

(I’ve sent numerous search teams and worked with lotsa CIAs and innocent bystanders; no results. So might as well slap it here: Get back here Tea!)

Feeling quite celebratory today.
It’s been two years with all this Riceballicious goodness.

I was reminded from our previous birthday:
“How come we don’t get presents? Where are our presents? :I ”
(It’d be nice if we do get some nice presents)

Onto what you all have been waiting for…!


We all love cake *w*
(Though rice cakes also taste delicious~)

And we also have presents to hand out (despite how it should be vice versa):

We ended on a high point but this chapter starts off real slow. It’d be nice, but in a bi-monthly…
On the bright side, I love the art for this chapter. It has the best funny faces of all the AW chapters, and they lampshaded Taku’s design revamp.

Anyone else think “Oedipus Complex” first thing on page 7?


That role of the little sister really drives me nvts.
But still interested in what happens next

!AW12  ||  MF


After a while from its mini-hiatus, she’s back!
It’s impossible not to forget cute little Rock-chan!
I’m finally beginning to favor this short and sweet 4-koma packed with limitless adorable characters.

(Note there are two versions of this chapter~)

!Rock-chan06n  ||  MF
!Rock-chan06t  ||  MF


This manga never fails to make me mad.
With those numerous annoying yells. (Incessant, in fact).
Though, our birthday makes up for the madness

Here they are.
We don’t have one release, nor two, but three releases of SAO!
(Maybe I should note that SAO c08 is “NSFW” as we finally have Asuna on the offensive side :D I also threw in an extra 4-ish pages that are meaningful… >:3)
(Finally coming to an end in the manga adaptation! No more painful redraws!)

!SAO08  ||  MF
!SAO09  ||  MF
!SAO10  ||  MF


What’s next? We have Sword Art Online 4koma!

Seems like we’re not in the side stories any more, and this 4koma has some scenes that I really didn’t feel the need to see. Stare at the cute Asuna. You’ll need it.

It just gets better and better. (<- tiRA’s opinion~)
I wonder how’ll this comedic version of SAO will continue.

We are now jointing this project with VIScans.
So please remember to respect/follow their release policies (if any).

!SAO4k05  ||  MF
!SAO4k06  ||  MF



“YUUUUUUUURI! Want Omelette rice?!?”
I wish I would have someone make me omelette rice…
But hey, I don’t mind with something different this time.
Like Chili shrimp, not that I never tried it, but I prefer not to be made by [Michiru].

How was the cliffhanger we left you all in the last chapter? Exquisite, eh?
See who messaged Yuuri in this chapter! (<- Sounds like something an advertier would say…)

We finally see some intersecting connections between the fellow main characters.
Let’s hope for more criss-cross! >:3

We are still looking for a translator for this project!
(The temporary translator is busy with other stuff, so lessen the load by helping out!)

!Kanojo09  ||  MF



This chapter simply tops it all off. (The title finally has some meaning!)
Here we see how the Narumi-san got to where she is now.
(Oh, our lovely Narumi-san is quite a genius. Esp. her confession in this chap~)

!Oneesan13  ||  MF


Add’l comments:
MF links will be up later into the day than the usual 24 hours. Be thankful! >:I
Links are online.  (Thanks to those that download via triggers! ^^)


Accel World c11

Oh, the anime’s out?
That’s nice. Not like I can care :x

Jkjk. It’s not actually bad. Especially for this AW and SAO anime adaptation.
Not bad at all.

Anyhow, here it is.

!AW11  ||  MF

Remember we are still recruiting. Find out more on our IRC.

Accel World c10~

This release was planned to be released on April’s Fool.
But for a scanlator like me, I was busy trolling all my friends and family.  Basically, I was out the entire day trolling. Was fun. As much as scanlating.

Anyway, here it is.

!AW10 | MF
(Be happy it’s up 23 hours earlier.)

Accel World~ c09!

Whew.  It has been a while since we released some AW~
Well here it is!~

Oh yeah, before that…
Happi Bawentine’s Dae!
(Hope you get all those chocolates from the ladies!! ‘Coz they’ll want something back on White’s day!! I got mines this morning, so get yours now!!)

!AWc09 | MF

Oh, and we finally have a twitter account! @Riceballicious

And last but not least,
We’re recruiting:
JP>EN Translator!! (for Suashi no Meteorite, Toaru Majutsu no Index)
Editor!! (for Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu., Sword Art Online)


Accel World Ch08 + Extra

This chapter went through so many translators before it finally got done, and it’s such a fantastic chapter. So much happens, oh Black Lotus ♥

There’s a cute little extra that comes with this time too~

Download Chapter 8 – MF  |  !AWc08
Download Extra – MF  |  !AWExtra

Update: Since MF seems to be weird, you get mirrors…
Hey, it’s okay again. That’s great.

Download Chapter 8 –  FS  |  MU  | DF
Download Extra –  FS  |  MU  |  DF

Recruiting JP/CH>ENG Translators

Really. Most of ours just vanished. =(

E-mail us at to apply.

Accel World Ch07

What you’ve all been waiting for, for what’s felt like ages.
And it’s beautiful.
It’s our first extended battle scene. Combined with the skills of our local goddess of an editor? Pure love. ♥

But it’s a shame to keep you any longer. Enjoy.

Still recruiting JP>ENG Translators and Typesetters!

Download – MF
Read Online – Batoto
Trigger will be up tonight.
Update: Trigger has been up for a while.