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DxM c23

After 4 months… here’s a new chapter of Deus ex machina.

Nothing much to say, just expect more releases in the next few days(or weeks).


!DxM23  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Merry Xmas and Holidays~

As many should be aware, our site suffered “massive” damage from many shifts and turns…

Hopefully, this will be a thing of the past. But it comes with a price to pay… (literally). Our new domain will cost us exactly $12.57 annually. Everything will be paid via Paypal. So it’d be a great help to achieve that goal.

Setting all that matter aside, Merry xmas and holidays!
Here are some releases that were released when the site was down:

Black Rock-chan c08
!Rock-chan08  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu c10
!Kanojo10  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san c07
!Sayoko07 || MF || Reader

And here’s what some have been waiting for:

Deus Ex Machina
!DxM21  ||  MF  ||  Reader
!DxM21.5  ||  MF  ||  Reader
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Deus Ex Machina Ch20

This is a great chapter. We get to see the serious sides characters and Wataru is creative about panels that don’t have to make sense.

Am I the only one who sees all the light haired characters as blonde? I’m sure there’s art somewhere showing me I’m wrong…(again unofficial coloring)


Deus ex Machina is a joint with Animexis.
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Besides they have a reader. I even linked it.

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Deus Ex Machina Ch19

Behold! We have not forgotten!

It’s sad that the cute Radican girl just vanishes from the plot but my surprise about the Hanged Man fairly makes up for it.

Not official coloring, just me floundering about.

Deus ex Machina is a joint with Animexis
Please respect their policy and wait 24 hours before uploading the release to any other place.
Besides they have a reader. See, I linked it.

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Recruiting a proofreader. E-mail us at if interested.

Deus x Machina c18

With our joint, Animexis, it’s done.
Finally released. Be happy. Enjoy, or not. Your choice.

Deus ex Machina is a joint with Animexis. Please respect their rules and wait 24 hours before uploading the releases to any other place.

!DxM18 | MF
(MF up.)

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Merry Christmas 2011!

Merry Christmas everyone!
And another big thank you to all of Riceballicious’ fabulous staffies ♥

EDIT: DxM c17 with the missing page 54 uploaded. I comfort myself by saying it was somewhat of an unimportant page…

Deus ex Machina – Chapter 17 – MF | MFv2 | !DxM17
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With thanks to the great people at Animexis
Suashi no Meteorite – Chapter 05 – MF | !Suashi05
Seikesshou Albatross – Chapter 18 – MF | !SA18

I know, only one?
Not exactly. I’m actually really busy today, so I’m doing this in 5 minute chunks.
So you get them throughout the my day. Let’s see how many there end up being.
Hey look, there’s two now. Three. That’s alright, right?

I’m cutting a few corners today… I hope you don’t mind.

And no triggers until late either. Sorry. Triggers up.
And I’m done. It’s not even Christmas anymore.

Batosupi! c02

Woot!!! Another release!!! This is the eighth release of the month and with this release, we broke our old record of total release of the month, which was set on April with 7 releases :D

Batosupi! c02, a joint with Animexis. This chapter is brought to you by Kanapox, Cunbab, aruigus808, Motu, GrimKiller46 and Icarus_Wings!

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Batosupi! Ch01 – Joint with Animexis

 We were keeping this a secret from you~

Thanks to the awesome people at Animexis, we’re coping a bit better with our perpetual lack of well… just about everybody. So come join, before our poor staff members collapse from exhaustion. Especially all you typesetters.

We managed to pick another series with an excessively long name. This one is actually “Batosupi! We are the Battle Spirits Club ☆“, where “Batosupi!” is short for “Battle Spirits” (Bato Supirittsu). I thought about it, but “Batspi” sounds kind of stupid.

And even though it has “battle” in it’s name, it’s anything but. School life comedy, anyone?

Download – MF
Read Online – Batoto

Trigger has been up.

EDIT: I forgot to say earlier, so this is for future reference.
Please respect the release rules of the groups we joint with. While we don’t have any, Animexis has a 24 hour delay period before you can upload anywhere else. This will apply to both “Batosupi!” and “Deus ex Machina”, since they’re both joints.
I’ll try to remember to include this reminder in the future.  Thanks everyone!