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New Bot: teddiursa

Say hi to our new bot teddiursa.
One of the few reason why we chose that name:
How can you say no to this?

Almost all triggers will be the same as before with some slight changes to one or two of our series.

Changes include:
!SA -> !SEI
!YT -> !YUT
and some other series which were just one shots. Look at the !list if you have problems.

New stuff includes:
You now have three slots per IP address.
You can now download in batches: /msg teddiursa xdcc batch xx-xx (The xx denotes the pack number.)

That’s it! Happy sharing~

Stupid Oneesan

I placed a special order for the next volume of Kono Oneesan (Volume 6, btw) which contains chapters that are not available online.

It better be worth the damn wait time.

Tentative Planning

Given our decreasing amount of staffs, here is our new tentative plans for pushing out our releases.

All series are lined up in alphabetical order or by popularity.
We, the staffs, will then concentrate on that series for one chapter (around for one month).

Pretty sure it’s not going to work very well, but working with whatever I can utilize.

Now about the series (plus updates) we’re [still] doing:

Accel World:
This… I don’t know. We certainly have the raws. I’m no certain about the motivation. Of course, it’d be wonderful if I can find someone willing to translate this.
Waiting on: Finding a translator

Deus Ex Machina:
We are so close to the finish line. Just two to three more chapters to go.
Waiting on: Translating

Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu:
Got a lot to talk about this series.
The raws we still have left for is chapters twenty-eight through thirty. This means we are close to having zero chapters of raws (If my common sense proves correct).
So, I had planned to buy those monthly magazines, however, it’s quite pricey if it’s accrued over time. (Why donations are highly appreciated…) Therefore, I plan to buy the volumes raws.
Volume raws come out about every six to eight months. So we’ll have to see if my patience or my need for this series wins.
Oh right, I’m pretty sure we’ll be continuing Kono Onee-san after chapter thirty-five.
Waiting on: Cleaning

Seikesshou Albatross:
My translator is busy. So much effort is needed to budge her to start translating. In fact, I have just emailed her just before writing up this post.
Waiting on: Proofreading

Suashi no Meteorite:
Just three more chapters and we’ll be finished with this wonderful piece of work. The only problem we have is that I am unable to find the last two chapters in their original Japanese text. All I can find are Chinese raws which raw quality is extremely decreased due to poor editing skills. So if anyone can help pitch in for the search of the raws, that’d be splendid.
Waiting on: Me quality checking :x

Sword Art Online 4koma:
Raws are aplenty. No worries here other than waiting for translations which slightly slow due to the subtle jokes thrown in when it’s completely unnecessary.
Waiting on: Translation

Maybe I should start considering recruiting translators to help fill in positions.

Oh right, forgot our new series: orz
There’s only three chapters (or episodes) to this series. Since it’s actually a “one-shot” that stems from the series called “Love Sync Dream.” Love Sync Dream is an interesting manga as it is certainly the least of what one could expect from a manga. If anyone feels up for tackling such a manga, email us!
Waiting on: Translation

I’ve used the information of the popularity of our series and have made a list we’ll be trying to go in order:

  1. Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu
  2. SAO 4koma
  3. Suashi no Meteorite
  4. Seikesshou Albatross
  5. Accel World
  6. orz
  7. Deus Ex Machina

A Siesta.

You see a vast, vast grassland.
In this grassland, you hear the grass and the trees softly clashing its leaves creating a wondrous orchestra.

Then, as you walk around one of the trees, you encounter a few of the Riceball staffs. They slumber peacefully without any disturbance.

Knowing so, you wake them up with aggressive shakes back and forth. They slowly wake up. *Yawns*
They tilt their heads up to stare at you. Eye to eye.
They seem annoyed to be woken up. Nevertheless, as completely slow pacifists, they get up and start their scanlation work after their nice three month nap.

Boku to Majo no Jikan

Now that we are pretty sure there is majority that wants Boku to Majo no Jikan revived (meaning all other projects will be hindered.)

I now move onto the next voting pool which is the staffs’ opinions.
Check back soon.


I’d like to break this hauntingly silence with some goodies!
Yup, goodies~

We have Sword Art Online 4koma c09 and c10 (double release?)
This series stayed in the same place (many thanks to our hardworking student-like staffs).

!SAO4k09  ||  MF  ||  Reader
!SAO4k10  ||  MF  ||  Reader

Note that this is a joint with Village Idiot Scans, so please remember to respect their release policies.


We are “nearing” the end. Very, very, very, berry, berry close to the end. Seikesshou Albatross c34.

!SA34  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Hmmm, next we have Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu c20.
Not sure what to declare here, but it’s progressing at a pace just right for us.

!Oneesan20  ||  MF  ||  Reader


And another project (collecting dust? Hopefully not.) Suashi no Meteorite c14
We’re finally slowing climbing the steep portion of the plot. So rising action, I suppose?

!Suashi14  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Just can’t get enough of 4komas, can we?
Here is the LAST AND FINAL chapter of Black Rock-chan.
Although, it’s a 4koma, it’s been a long ride. Good job, staffs.

!Rock-chan10  ||  MF  ||  Reader


Last but not least we have Sword Art Online – Fairy Dance c03
Slowly, but surely.

!SAOFD03  ||  MF  ||  Reader

This a joint release with Bikkys Scans. Remember to respect their release policies!

That should be it. Have fun, enjoy life (if any), or just good luck in school~

Also, please don’t ask about Accel World, there are some malfunctions in our mechanic staffs. Though, I can say it’ll be “soon.” (trademark logo here.)

If you don’t seen MF or Reader links in hyperlink, that just means I haven’t gotten the time to upload it just yet. But it will soon.


Here’s the annual progress announcement!!!

Accel World c14: @Edit

Accel World 4koma: DROPPED (contact us for continuation and raws)

Black Rock-chan c10 (LAST): @Raw

Deus Ex Machina c22: @Raw

Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu c12: @TS

Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!? c20: @TL

Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san c08: @TL+TS

Seikesshou Albatross c34: @PR

Suashi no Meteorite c13: @CL

Sword Art Online – Fairy Dance c02: @???

Sword Art Online 4koma c09: @TL/PR

To Aru Majutsu no Index c57: we just released c56. so not anytime soon.

That’s all. Comment, like, however you want. I’ll reply if there’s a real need to.


The front half of the Riceballicious staff wishes the latter half of the world a happy new year >:D

Like mentioned a few minutes ago:
[00:05:18] -Global- So.. from the front of the world; we wish you a happy new year. Hopefully you folks back there will catch up soon, and “WE SURVIVED, F**K YEAH”. – IRCHighway Staff

Everyone got their new year resolutions ready?