DxM c26-27 END

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Now enjoy these two long-awaited final chapters of your favorite girl and her doll.

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Chapter 01 – I asked who you were

Year 200X July 24th – Inside the online game [Galactic Trader Five]

On the personal computer monitor, the clock struck midnight.
Along with the solemn chime of the bell, a two-heads-tall deformed graphics stepped onto and gathered at the lawn with a [A.C. Clarke Commemorative Plaque] plate-like object in the very center of it. Read more

Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!? c32

I can’t even recall the last time I touched this series. However, it’s been long overdue.

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May not use MF anymore. I’ll need to think of new alternative…
(Meanwhile, MF link will be up later.)

Please don’t ask me the progress about the other projects. I don’t get paid enough time-hours for this :>

Otoko wo Misete yo, Kurata-kun! c06

Not sure what frame of mind I was in to be working on this project. I won’t bother thinking any further.

After much efforts to make free time, it’s out.
I shall say no more.

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New Bot: teddiursa

Say hi to our new bot teddiursa.
One of the few reason why we chose that name:
How can you say no to this?

Almost all triggers will be the same as before with some slight changes to one or two of our series.

Changes include:
!SA -> !SEI
!YT -> !YUT
and some other series which were just one shots. Look at the !list if you have problems.

New stuff includes:
You now have three slots per IP address.
You can now download in batches: /msg teddiursa xdcc batch xx-xx (The xx denotes the pack number.)

That’s it! Happy sharing~

Mathematical Girls: Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem c00

Welcome to the world of Math.
A world where the number 2 follows the number 1. Or does it?
How would you know? Do you have proof?

We delve into another field of life.
In this series, we’ll be discovering Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem and all those interesting facts that come with it.


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ADD: The Easy-to-Understand Explanation was written by our translator who stated that the author’s explanation was Not-Too-Easy-to-Understand.

We are now using a new bot. More info to come later.

Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!? c31

A few things I’d like to mention: (if too lazy to read, then scroll down to the download links)

1 – Triggers for !Oneesan30 and !DxM25 are up.
2 – Given a good amount of readers still want triggers, I’ll continue using it. Therefore, I may be changing the entire trigger system. Very likely soon.
3 – About the progress of the other series… I’ll send a tweet about it soon.

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Kono Onee-san wa Fiction desu!? c30


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I’m not sure if I’ll keep on continuing with triggers and xdcc downloads.
Oh, I know. I’ll make a poll.

I’ll be opening recruitment again. I’ll need japanese translators and cleaners.